Cheney to New Jersey: ‘Don’t Vote for Idiots’


MORRISTOWN – When Liz Cheney stepped on the stage of the Mayo Performing Arts Center Monday night, most in the jam-packed crowd of 1,300 stood and applauded.

Politics is ever changing. It’s also quite ironic.

Cheney, the daughter of a man who was – and who continues to be – vilified by Democrats is now a hero to many of them.

But it’s a bit more than that.

Cheney, who lost her seat in the House because of her anti-Trump stance, is now respected by not only the left, but also by many Republicans who are through with what Cheney, quite accurately, called a “personality cult” surrounding Donald Trump.

She’s become so much admired of late that some have suggested she should run for president herself, or even try to become Speaker of the House.

None of that was specifically raised Monday as Cheney spoke and answered questions from a moderator as part of the Drew University Forum or lecture series. But her goal was clear:

Do what’s necessary to prevent Trump from becoming president again.

Easier said than done. A cult by definition holds onto its followers no matter what.

And as we are seeing now, Trump’s lead in the polls on his way to the Republican nomination is huge. so much so that he doesn’t even need to perform such mundane campaign tasks as show up to debates.

Still, Cheney said it’s not a given that Trump will win the nomination, but that, “It’s looking more like that every day.”

Who does she want to be president?

Cheney declined to say, ruefully adding that an endorsement by her would hurt that very candidate.

As an aside, it’s worth noting that one of those in the race is Chris Christie, who lives just a few miles west of the venue where Cheney spoke. Christie has more or less built his campaign on condemning Trump, but Cheney didn’t mention him.

But she did say, “We should not be electing anyone not willing to say Donald Trump lost the election in 2020.”

In more general terms, Cheney spoke of what she suggested should be undeniable bipartisan principles.

Chief among them is respecting democracy. She noted that in the history of the republic every president has accepted the peaceful transition of power “until Donald Trump.”

Cheney’s main regret is not so much that Trump disrespected the democratic system, but that so many Republicans went along with him.

Cheney did not, and she also served on the House committee investigating the Jan 6. insurrection, thereby becoming a pariah among Republicans two times over.

She acknowledged losing friends over her stance – and also respect for some of her fellow Republicans.

So where does the Republican party go from here?

Cheney, who quite obviously has been a Republican all her life, was not overly optimistic.

“I don’t know if the Republican Party itself can be salvaged,” she said. Cheney said the first task for the GOP is to strongly condemn violence.

History is always around in politics and as Cheney said, many Republicans today say they treasure and honor the memory of Ronald Reagan.

There’s a caveat here.

“Ronald Reagan would not be a member of the Trump Republican Party,” she said.

Anyone who actually remembers Reagan would agree with that statement 100 percent. Just think of Reagan’s ‘Morning in America” optimism compared to Trump’s comments about “American carnage.”

Cheney got another near standing ovation when she ended her remarks.

But just before that happened, she urged members of the audience to run for office themselves, saying, “Really, it’s not that bad.”

Cheney also had some blunt advice for voters going forward:

“Don’t vote for idiots.”

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14 responses to “Cheney to New Jersey: ‘Don’t Vote for Idiots’”

  1. Thank You so much … Liz Cheney and Chris Christie for all your efforts to hopefully convince others of the danger Donald Trump poses to our democracy and world order.

  2. Liz Cheney says “Don’t vote for idiots”. I agree. Therefore, I’m not voting for Liz Cheney, or Chris Christie. These 2 are Democrats in Drag. Cheney is part of her father’s military-industrial complex deep state, and has no moral compass. Cheney blows with the wind, e.g., Jan. 6th Committee which turned out to be an exercise in fraud and deception when they willfully refused to produce the 44,000 hours of video showing that the Deep State, CIA, FBI and the Democrats were all complicit in their racketeering operation to overthrow the 2020 election and overthrow America. Cheney does the bidding of her father, Bush’s V.P. Dick Cheney, because she can’t think for herself.

  3. Wow, it is so sad to see these people who believe in Trump … it’s very similar to those who believed in Hitler. Did Hitler turn out to be good for Germany or the world ? If you truly care about the future for our children, then please vote for anyone other than Trump.

  4. Anyone who compares Trump to Hitler is obviously a Marxist Communist. Because, in fact, the current occupier of the White House, Joe Biden, is the epitome of a Dictator in the mold of Josef Stalin, or a Chinese Communist Dictator. Just look at his weaponization of the DOJ and FBI going after parents, conservatives and Republicans. This is what the Soviets and ChiComs did and are doing. They go after the opposition party and destroy it, arresting people, beating them, jailing them and murdering them.

    Anyone comparing Trump to Hitler is gas lighting and projecting for what the Biden Racketeering Crime Family is doing in the White House.

  5. Liz Cheney needs to throw her hat into the ring NOW, because Biden is soo bad, I even prefer Trump over Biden.

    Biden’s betrayal of Afghans, his support for and propping up of the terrorist Taliban scum, his and Trump’s aim to recognize and establish friendly relations with the terrorist Taliban scum if they win a 2nd term, and Biden’s lackluster support for Ukraine are treacherous and unforgivable.

    If America really wanted to, it could have crippled Russia’s economy (the RF’s economy is doing the best it ever has) and almost totally isolated Russia and it could have helped Ukraine to totally and completely free itself from the Russian invaders within the first few months of the invasion and it could have easily toppled Putin.

  6. It is evident to everyone including Trump supporters that Trump’s greedy, corrupt, amoral, narcissistic racist behavior is extremely dangerous, abnormal and objectionable but his supporters state categorically they don’t care that he is greedy, corrupt, amoral, narcissistic racist. One can only surmise they continue to embrace him because he is a reflection of their values and behaviors otherwise they would reject Trump for what he is.

  7. Amazing that there are so many left-wing Democrat-Socialists that have mental disorders. They have serious Trump Derangement Syndrome that makes them dangerous to others as well as themselves. This is projection and gas lighting. Calling Trump greedy, corrupt, amoral, narcissistic, and racist sounds like the definition of Biden and his Racketeering Crime Family. Think about it: Trump is greedy? He’s not a politician, but a businessman. He lost more money by becoming President than before he did. Everyone who was a politician that became President went from modest means to millionaires and billionaires through corruption, extortion and fraud. See Obama. Amoral? Trump has a great family that lives the American Dream of American Exceptionalism and shows everyone in America how its done. Narcissistic? Listen to Biden’s rants about he has done everything from driving tractor trailers and trains and lost his older son in war (when he really died of cancer). It’s all about Biden, all of the time. Trump being a racist???? That’s the best joke of all. Trump worked with black leaders and communities to pass the most comprehensive crime bill in history that protected blacks from unbridled police harassment, false imprisonment, and bail reform. Trump’s economy put more blacks and hispanics back to work, took them off unemployment and welfare, and created more black and hispanic business start-ups in history. Trump took minorities off of the welfare dole and food stamps and increased their income/salaries by substantial amounts. Also, Trump had many blacks and hispanics (including conservative gays; not radical virtue-signalling gays) working in his administration.

    The writers that try and gas light and project Democrats’ and Biden’s corruption, extortion, fraud, narcissism, racism and the like, that try to blame these things on Trump, and in reality, blame it on conservatives, are deeply disturbed people.

  8. Biden is in no way perfect. But he truly cares about the welfare of people, far more than Trump has or ever will. Trump Flags, T-shirts, and Hats should read: “TRUMP 2024 – Make Me Great Again” Because that is all he truly cares about. PLEASE vote for ANYONE other than Trump.

  9. Hitler and Mussolini dehumanized people in their own countries by calling them “vermin.” Donald Trump is now using identical rhetoric.

  10. Liz Cheney is a standup individual, period! Trump is a petulant child that loses at everything. Biden is weak because he does not stand up to crime and has failed at the border, like his 3 predecesors. Caters to the woke movement, which in my opinion coddles criminals and bums. Which in turn is going to cause people to vote for Trump because they think he will do something about the movement. But, in the end Trump is in it only for himself. The dems need to wake up and realise law and order matters…oh…and so does the economy, stupid.

  11. How about you vote for Trump and go to the right side. Not side with the democrats who are satanist, who drink blood and eat babies. Left is never right.

  12. Let’s make all Posters, Banners, T-shirts, Flags, and Hats, to read the following: “TRUMP 2024 – Make Me Great Again” ….. because that is all he truly cares about (himself and no one else).

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