Chris Christie, Summer Snowflake


I just got the Autumn Essentials catalog from Lands End, a jarring reminder that fall is just ’round the corner. Which to me means Lands End Sweaters and Election Day.

So let’s talk politics!

BeachGate Snowflakes

Chris Christie may be on this way out, but he’s keener than ever to bring on the boorish.  His latest spasm of nincompoopery: guilt tripping all of us over those humiliating BeachGate images that went viral. And the memes. OMG Sweet Jesus those memes! But now, he’s gone and dragged his own children (aged mid-teens thru mid-20s) directly into the the debate.  Because, it appears, the cacophony of criticism has “upset” Christie’s kids.

His family’s still smarting over he backlash and, according to the Governor, “they don’t understand people’s unfairness and, quite frankly, their ignorance.”

It’s ironic Chris Christie chose the term ignorant to describe the backlash. Coming from him that’s very rich indeed.

Still, I gotta be honest, if 85% of New Jersey hated my father that much, I’d be hurt too. But I’d also know exactly why they hated him and why those notorious BeachGate pics pissed people off so much. Because let’s not forget: in a spasm of budgetary pique, Christie stomped his foot like a petulant child closed down the entire state government to get his way.

Christie’s bona fide hissy fit had more collateral damage than usual: it shut down all the state parks in NJ  over 4th of July weekend. The show stopper: those now-infamous images of the Gov’s clan lounging on a public beach that Christie closed off to the rest of us.

And then, predictably, the backlash. Which sent Christie fleeing to the last refuge for such a scandal: hiding behind his kids. If Christie’s kids are truly hurt or embarrassed by this incident, the Governor should stop bringing it up. At least until his clan grows some thicker skin.

Maybe the dozens hundreds of BeachGate memes might help?

BTW, I’m dying to know your favorite! When I saw this one, aka, “The Filthiest Governor Alive!” I knew my favorite BridgeGate meme immediately. Share your fave in the comments below!

LtGov Sweeps

The candidates to replace Gov. Christie chose their running mates last week. Ambassador Phil Murphy, the Democrat, tapped Assemblywoman Sheila Oliver to be his #2.   Murphy’s GOP rival, Lt Governor Kim Guadagno went with Woodcliff Mayor Carlos Rendo as her top Lieutenant.

I’m wrong a lot but from here, these choices look pretty solid.  Sheila Oliver makes Murphy more sympathetic to Wall Street-weary progressives like myself. And heavens knows the GOP can use a little less vanilla in their latte, if you get my drift.

“Neither LG pick has sufficient name ID to meaningfully impact the horse race,” Democratic strategist Henry de Koninck told InsiderNJ.  “Oliver should have some benefit for Murphy shoring up core Dems, which in a race that’s shaping up as a purely generic ballot contest is likely all Murphy needs to do.”

Anyway, the rollout of both major party candidates when smoothy and neither Oliver or Rendo gave up any unforced errors when fielding press queries. Notably, Mayor Rendo  was circumspect when pressed about about fellow Cuban-American Senator Bob Menendez’ legal issues.

“Innocent until proven guilty,” Rendo said.

He might have said  “he’s an embarrassment. And he disgraced  US Senate, the state of NJ, and the Cuban-American community with  his various, sundry ethical lapses.”

But he did’t have to. Because there I just said it for him.

Because if you need a $6,000,000 legal fund to defend your actions as a public servant, you’re LITERALLY DOING IT ALL WRONG!

(And while we’re on the topic of Bob Menendez, if i had a dollar each time an insider told me Menendez won’t survive October I’d start a a SuperPAC and run myself!)

Transgenders in the Military

Taking FIVE Vietnam War deferments because of sore feet disqualifies a man from deciding who’s fit to serve in the military.

But that’s just me.

That didn’t stop our draft-dodging Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump from questioning the fitness of transgender service members. Out of nowhere, without consulting his own military advisors, Trump’s latest Tweet-storm signaled a policy change that would ban transgender Americans from the military.

Keep in mind, 15,00 transgender Americans already serve in the US Armed Services. They were tough enough, thoroughly qualified, and gutsy enough to put their life on the line. To protect us from ISIS and what not. These service members earned their uniform fair and square. And now Trump wants to toss these brave Americans out of the military for reasons even his generals don’t understand?!

The fate of those transgender service members (as well as our investment in their training) is now in question thanks to Trump’s gratuitous swipe at the LGBT community. And JustLikeThat, right wingers on cable TV are suddenly experts in “unit cohesion.”

But let’s be sober enough to admit that the biggest threat to all our service members is their impulsive, undisciplined Commander-in-Chief.


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  1. You obviously have nothing else to write about because you are whining about it as well! Everybody is still jumping on the Christie bandwagon because he gets more attention than everybody! Just like that pathetic slob at the ballgame when the governor is sitting with his daughter… pathetic wannabes.

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