Christie Fundraising for Mitch McConnell

Former Governor Chris Christie talks to Axios on HBO, discussing his own vetting dossier and removal as head of President Donald Trump's transition team. He says Trump had a monumental staffing failure.

Mitch McConnell’s reelection campaign is making a stop to see Chris Christie. The former governor is scheduled to host a fundraiser this coming Sunday on behalf of “Team Mitch” in Mendham. Co-hosts include the governor’s wife, Mary Pat, and Bill Palatucci, a longtime friend of the former governor.

This is a pricey event with a minimum contribution of $2,800, according to an invitation. Those so inclined can chip in $5.600 to be on the host committee; $11,200 per couple makes you a co-chair.

The invite says only that the fundraiser will take place in “Mendham” and that a specific address will be provided to those who plan to attend. This is common practice for high-profile fundraisers.  The governor, of course, lives in Mendham Township.

McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader from Kentucky, seems destined to play a pivotal role in the unfolding impeachment saga. If the House impeaches the president, which seems a certainty, a trial will be held in the Senate.

McConnell is up for reelection next year. It’s impossible to analyze that race from New Jersey, but a few facts can be stated. One is that a liberal group, the national Progressive Turnout Project, has pledged to spend $45 million to boost Democratic turnout in 15 battleground states, Kentucky included. Another fact is that the state just elected a Democratic governor, albeit very narrowly.

A sobering lesson for Democrats is that McConnell was supposedly vulnerable in 2014, but he ended up winning by about 15 percentage points. This race was noteworthy because the Democratic candidate, Alison Grimes, refused to say for whom she voted in the 2012 presidential election. She was, by the way, a delegate to the Democratic National Convention that re-nominated Barack Obama.

Getting back to more mundane concerns, the fundraiser is set for 5 p.m. on a Sunday in December. That time coincides with an NFL game between the Dallas Cowboys, who are struggling to make the playoffs, and the Los Angeles Rams. National politics or not, Christie, a well-known Cowboys’  fan, better make sure he’s near a TV.

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One response to “Christie Fundraising for Mitch McConnell”

  1. Christie = gross
    McConnell = gross

    I’m all for conservatism but McConnell, who self identifies as the grim reaper, is way over due to be replaced. His $300 million deal for Kentucky, courtesy of Russian oligarchs says all you need to know about the current Republican party.

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