Christie Tries to Find an Opening as Haley Stumbles over Slavery

Chris Christie sees an opening – and it has to do with slavery.

This is about to be 2024, but in the crazy politics of the day, slavery has become an issue in the Republican presidential primary.

This latest brouhaha began a few days ago in New Hampshire when Nikki Haley was asked why she thought the Civil War began. She subsequently said the question was a “Democrat plant.”

Who knows? It may have been.

But this really wasn’t a tough question. Haley, most infamously now, did not say the Civil War began over slavery. She has tried since to recover, but the damage has been done. How lasting it will be is the question.

And on that score, the former governor of New Jersey hopes the damage lasts a long time – or at least until the Jan. 23 New Hampshire primary.

Christie’s long shot presidential hopes rest on establishing himself as a genuine alternative to Donald Trump. His polling in New Hampshire has been better than it has been elsewhere, but he remains behind Haley, who is now in second place. A recent poll averaging by Real Clear Politics puts Christie at 10.5 percent; Trump is at 46 and Haley is at almost 25.

Clearly, the one-time county freeholder from Mendham Township, has a long way to go.

He began trying to get there with a TV appearance Friday morning in which he called Haley a “slippery, slick politician.”

He said her performance in answering the slavery question was “pretty poor,” adding that “she knows better.”

The “knows better” part of the line was Christie’s real point. While Haley does indeed know better, she is afraid to offend anyone.

This, obviously, raises a more troubling point.

By condemning slavery as the reason for a civil war, who are you going to offend?

Well, let’s consider. Trump has given so-called dog whistles to white sumpremacists since his first run for the presidency. Who can forget his “good people” on both sides comment about white racists marching in Virginia in 2017?  And, of course, most recently his talk about immigrants poisoning blood.

If Haley fears offending that element of the GOP’s base, shame, shame on her. That’s Christie’s point.

You know Christie is not going to let this issue go. But will it move the needle in New Hampshire? Or put another way, will it propel the former governor to the second place finish that he needs to stay relevant, and perhaps even stay in the race?

This is another example of what inevitably plagues Christie’s campaign. Broadly speaking, those who most agree with his condemnations of Trump – and now Haley – do not vote in Republican primaries.

Another issue here can not be ignored.

The Republican Party was formed in the 1850’s to oppose slavery.

So you really have to wonder why Haley, or for that matter, any Republican, would struggle with the question.


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One response to “Christie Tries to Find an Opening as Haley Stumbles over Slavery”

  1. A little history lesson on “slavery” here: Democrats in the South were the ones that promoted and maintained slavery. When their slavery philosophy was threatened by Northern abolitionists, the Democrats started the Civil War that killed 600,000 Americans. When Reconstruction was started after the Civil War (1865-1872), Democrats blocked Reconstruction until they got their slaves back to run their plantations.

    Democrats blocked the 1867 and 1871 Civil Rights Acts (13th & 14th Amendments) until the Republicans overwhelmingly voted for both Amendments. Because of this the Democrats started the KKK that murdered numerous blacks. Democrat President Woodrow Wilson was a strongly anti-blacks and pro-KKK. His name was removed from Princeton University buildings several years ago.

    Democrats blocked the 1964 and 1965 Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act. Republicans overwhelmingly passed both laws. Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson (“LBJ”) told Southern Democrat Senators that “if we give the N****** welfare and free money, they’ll vote Democrat for the next 100 years.” Since then, Democrats have kept blacks “down on the plantation” by putting them in project housing and ghettos, and giving them crumbs of welfare, food stamps, etc. to get their votes. All at the expense of the black family, black fathers, and destruction of black children.

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