Christie: Trump’s ‘Hyperbolic’ Style Could Land Him In Jail

Former Governor Chris Christie, now an ABC contributor in his post-governorship, commented on President Donald Trump’s ‘hyperbolic’ style, warning that it could ultimately be the President’s downfall.

Appearing on ABC’s ‘This Week’ with host George Stephanopoulos, former DNC interim chair Donna Brazile, GOP consultant Alex Castellanos, Open Society Foundation President Patrick Gaspard, and Bloomberg News White House Reporter Jennifer Jacobs, Christie said, “I said this all along, George [Stephanopoulos] has said it here before, he should never walk into that room with Robert Mueller. Because in the end, one of the things that makes the president who he is, is that he’s a salesman, and salesman, at times, tend to be hyperbolic. Right, and this president certainly has tended to do that.

“That’s OK when you’re on the campaign hustle, that’s OK when you’re working on Congress, it is not OK when you’re sitting talking to federal agents because, you know, 18 USC 1001 is false statements to federal agents, that’s a crime, that can send you to jail.”

At another point, Brazile began making talking about Russian meddling in the 2016 election and – tapping Christie on the arm – said “I’m gonna say something nice – it’s Easter”, prompting Christie to joke, “hold on Donna, don’t go crazy now, you’ll ruin your reputation”. 

Watch the panel discussion from ABC’s ‘This Week’ below:


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