Ciattarelli: ‘We’re Experiencing Something in Regard to Our Climate’

Jack Ciattarelli spent Wednesday night in his car along flooded Route 78.

“I got home at 6 o’clock,” the Republican gubernatorial candidate said today in a phone interview with radio station 101.5.

Ciattarelli explained that he was at an event last night in Cliffside Park, Bergen County, that ended early because of severe weather alerts. He and his traveling partners then began driving to the candidate’s Somerset County home at around 8:30 p.m.

The trip south to Route 78 was uneventful, but problems soon developed.

Ciattarelli said the group encountered two heretofore unknown “rivers” cascading across Route 78. They had no choice but to wait for the water to clear.

He said he fell asleep around midnight and woke up at 3 a.m.

But it was three more hours before he got home.

Calling the events of the past 24 hours a “very, very sad” time, Ciattarelli said that many people suffered more than he did.

By mid-afternoon Thursday, at least 10 people were reported killed in a storm that not only brought rain of biblical proportions to the state, but caused at least five tornadoes.

“We’re experiencing something in regard to our climate,” Ciattarelli said. That may sound like an obvious observation, but some Republicans remain dubious about climate change.

He also talked about those emergency flash flood messages popping up on cell phones that some people may ignore. He said he expects more will take them seriously now.

Ciattarelli was originally scheduled for an in-studio interview about his campaign, but that was postponed until next Thursday because of the storm.

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2 responses to “Ciattarelli: ‘We’re Experiencing Something in Regard to Our Climate’”

  1. Jack Ciattarelli: “We’re Experiencing Something in Regard to Our Climate.”

    To put it in Twitter-speak: Tell me that you have gone through your entire life lacking a thirst for knowledge without saying that you’re a guy who has gone through your entire life lacking a thirst for knowledge.

    The candidate who wants to be in charge of the executive branch of a low-lying, densely-populated coastal state for four or maybe eight years doesn’t want to get into the weeds on the causes of climate change and the actions that still can be taken to mitigate its effects.

    But I could be wrong about this. I’ll visit to check out the Jack’s Plan page. Just below, I’ll reprint every word of the website’s text on using common sense to solve our climate change problem. I won’t leave anything out. Be prepared to allocate enough time for this reading experience. Here we go.

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