CIG Insider NJ Podcast: Special Election Day Preview Episode

CIG Insider NJ Podcast

Listen to a special Election Day preview episode of the CIG Insider NJ podcast with host Paul Crupi, Insider NJ editor Max Pizarro, and Insider NJ reporter Fred Snowflack.

Listen below:


Insider NJ's Max Pizarro and Fred Snowflack with CIG's Paul Crupi
Insider NJ’s Max Pizarro and Fred Snowflack with CIG’s Paul Crupi


The CIG InsiderNJ Podcast, a joint venture brought to you by Capital Impact Group and InsiderNJ, focuses on the stories behind the headlines in New Jersey politics.  Host Paul Crupi sits down with the State’s most influential political leaders and personalities for insightful conversations that delve into the guest’s background, defining career moments, and major life influences that brought them to where they are today. Tune in for fascinating stories, surprising anecdotes, and revelatory interviews with the people that live and breathe New Jersey politics.

CIG InsiderNJ Podcast Host

Paul Crupi is Vice President of Public Affairs at Capital Impact Group, one of Trenton’s leading public affairs firms.  Paul hosted a public affairs radio program at Villanova University and wrote for various trade magazines in New York City before his career path diverged into politics and policy in New Jersey.

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