Citing Goodfellas, Source Cautions Coughlin


Talking to InsiderNJ on condition of anonymity, a North Jersey source said Assemblyman Craig Coughlin (D-19) shouldn’t revel in a promotion to the speakership. The source laughed derisively when he recounted how he heard Coughlin say he feels pride at being advanced to the speakership, mostly through a deal between Middlesex County and South Jersey.

“He thinks he’s getting made?” the source said. “He’s getting made the same way Joe Pesci got made in Goodfellas. They’re going to take him to the Statehouse, these guys, and – well, you know the rest.” In the movie, Joe Pesci gets made a boss and then taken out.

“Look at Sheila [Oliver], look at Vinny [Prieto],” said the source. “Craig thinks he’s getting made? Give me a break. Look at the history here. The history is Pesci. You’re going to be a boss, Craig? Please.”


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