Codey: ‘I Expect the [NJ] Party to Unite Behind Biden’

Senate Lion: LD27 Senator Dick Codey talks about NJEDA tax incentive programs

Former Governor Dick Codey – the Democratic senator representing New Jersey’s 27th district – said Joe Biden’s performance last night on Super Tuesday inevitably catapults him in New Jersey.


“I fully expect the party will unite behind Joe Biden,” said Codey, an early backed of the presidential candidacy of the former Vice President from Delaware.

“Of course, the governor will speak for himself when he gets better,” added the state senator. “Hopefully New Jersey will not be in play but if so that’s fine. Based on the phone calls I’ve received, everyone is going to be with Biden except a few very, very progressive people.”

Codey said yesterday’s results minimize the chances of an open primary in New Jersey, which U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) initially called for when the race looked less defined.

“Yes, to a degree, but it’s still another month until the filing deadline,” said Codey, who likes the chances of his candidate to not only win the Democratic Primary, but as a general election rival to President Donald J. Trump.

“It’s just going to be one on one in the debate between one guy who is humble, decent and honorable and the other guy who is all about himself,” said the former New Jersey governor. “It’s going to be ‘us, us us’ versus ‘me, me, me.”

Regarding the impact of the early primary states on the contest, Codey offered his opinion that it’s time to change. “It’s archaic,” he said, referring to non-diverse states like Iowa and New Hampshire going first.

Codey has had some success picking candidates in Democratic Primaries over the course of the past few years. He was an early backer of Barack Obama in 2008. He also supported the candidacies of Ras Baraka for Newark Mayor in 2014, Phil Murphy for Governor in 2017, and Mikie Sherrill for Congress in CD11 in 2018.

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