Col. Callahan Discusses Improving Diversity in the NJ State Police Force with Steve Adubato

Colonel Patrick J. Callahan, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, talks with Steve Adubato about improving diversity within the state police force and rebuilding trust in black and brown communities. Recorded 3/19/24

Steve asks Colonel Patrick J. Callahan about the lack of women among new recruits in the state police. Col. Callahan responds, “I can speak to the initiatives that we have had in the last several years. It disappoints me that even the last class that graduated did not have one black female in that class. I think again of our 3200 officers, to have 200 women. We do have retired women who help us in that recruiting effort. I do know that when they do get accepted into the academy, very rarely do our women recruits leave. We have eight in there now and they don’t quit. I wish that the public would see this program and look to our women troopers as a career path that is extremely rewarding in a profession where we need more women.”

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3 responses to “Col. Callahan Discusses Improving Diversity in the NJ State Police Force with Steve Adubato”

  1. Callahan is another of the Gestapo apparatchik in lock-step (or goose-step) with the Democrat fascists in Trenton and Washington D.C. To hell with improving diversity in the NJ State Police. What about the most qualified people???? Do we want someone that can’t shoot straight or make a proper arrest because of their diversity, or do we want officers with common sense, ability to shoot straight, and are at the top of their class in performing ALL of their duties.

    We saw what happened when diversity was used in the Jan. 6 demonstrations. A white, unarmed, female veteran, Ashli Babbit, was shot in the face and killed by a black police officer (who is not even an American national) without any cause, justification, or remorse. Instead, he was given a short-shrift investigation that was quickly thrown under the rug, and then he was given a medal for his faux service. Why? Because he was part of the DEI hiring by the D.C. Capitol police.

  2. Rather than diversity, hope about advocating for America and being American first.

    DIE (diversity inclusion equity) is harmful to America. United we stand.

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