Come Blow Your Horn: My Night of Hugin Bus Hell


You can’t make this stuff up.

Being the Mayor of a small in north western town in the great state of NJ can be interesting , but this one tops them all. Phillipsburg has always been known for its legendary sport teams so Friday night football is a big deal. Last Friday night had an added attraction. I only live two blocks from Maloney Stadium, home of the Phillipsburg State-liners. We usually invite friends over for a pre-game tail gate gig in our front lawn waving to many friends walking to the game. Friday night was no exception with an added attraction of the campaign tour bus carrying U.S Senate candidate Bob Hugin. Earlier in the day some of our neighbors mentioned they saw “Bring a Marine Back- Vote for Bob Hugin,” supporters, like 85 of them at the home of a Phillipsburg Republican Councilman by the name of Frank McVey. It appeared they too were having a party , but it was a football and political game.

Several friends stayed back at our home while a bunch of us walked over to the game. About a half hour later the remainder of our friends walked over to the game to meet us. They had an unbelievable story to tell. The story goes like this; The tour bus made a detour. Apparently, someone talked the candidate’s tour bus driver into riding by the small town Mayor’s home (mine) in a residential neighborhood, bringing the bus to a crawl and blasting the horn to show what big-shots they were while harassing the Mayor. I wasn’t there so it was a near miss harassment!!!  LOL.

That of course was not the end because the bus drove around the HS football stadium eight times. The funniest part was that not one football fan noticed this ridiculous bus going around and around the stadium, but we did.

Eventually a friend and I walked out of the stadium and waited for the bus. The bus came by and my friend stopped it and asked the bus driver if candidate Bob Hugin and the State Chairman told him to stop at my house to blow the horn to harass the small town Mayor. The bus driver was speechless. My friend went on to say “such BS was unacceptable.”

The moral of this story is: Washington DC insanity has trickled down to Phillipsburg NJ during a HS football game. What happened to humanity, civil obedience and right to be a small town mayor with a bus horn blowing???

Stephen Ellis is the Mayor of Phillipsburg. 
EDITOR’S NOTE: An earlier version of this column incorrectly referred to specific occupants on the bus.
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