Beck Says She Had Pragmatic Concerns about Onerous Requirements in Pay Equity Bill

Senator Jen Beck today (R-11) clarified her position on pay equity today as her opponent’s backers descended on her

Senator Jennifer Beck (R-11).

district office.

Beck opposed Gov. Chris Christie’s override of a pay equity bill with the argument that it lacked a tax shelter for back pay awarded to those who’d suffered wage discrimination. But she put forward her own version – S-2458, which provides a gross income tax exclusion for wage discrimination awards. She said she has always been – and will always be – a tireless advocate for women.

“I am adamantly opposed to all forms of discrimination, and believe such attitudes have no place in society,” Beck told InsiderNJ.

She supports New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination, which has expressly prohibited wage discrimination on the basis of sex since 1970. She also backed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pair Act, signed by President Barack Obama in 2009.

“Some of my senate colleagues attempted to override the conditional veto of Senate Bill S992 on January 23rd,” the senator said. “I could not support the bill, as it would require every company, whether located in New Jersey or anywhere around the globe, to provide the age, race, gender, job title, ad salaries, of every single employee associated in any way with a state contract.”

Beck said her research shows that New Jersey would be the only state in the country with such a provision.”

Democrats intend to keep going after the senator on the vote, however, and others – noting that she did the same thing on critical funding for women’s health care: voting in favor of a bill that would have appropriated money to the budget for women’s health and then, again, refusing to vote against the override of the governor’s veto. They will also in the course of the coming campaign target her override vote on gun safety legislation.

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