Corrado Concerned about Platkin as AG

Senator Kristin Corrado, Assemblyman Kevin Rooney and Assemblyman Christopher DePhillips release a statement condemning the donation of $2500 contribution by former Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino to the Democratic candidate for Morris County Sheriff.

Senator Kristin Corrado (R-40), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, expressed concern over the nomination of Matt Platkin to be New Jersey’s next Attorney General.

“I’m concerned that Matt Platkin was the counsel who advised Governor Murphy to govern by executive order and overbearing mandates for the past two years,” said Corrado. “On emergency powers, we need someone who shares the views of New Jerseyans that it’s time for Governor Murphy to give it back.”

Platkin served as Governor Murphy’s chief counsel at the start of the pandemic when the current State of Emergency and initial Public Health Emergency were first declared.

Republicans launched the #GiveItBack initiative today to urge Governor Murphy to give back everything he’s taken from New Jerseyans over the last two years, including emergency powers.

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