COVID-19 Disaster: Persichelli Seeks ‘Federal Strike Teams’


Department of Health Commissioner Judith Persichelli today said she is working with the Office of Emergency Management to coordinate federal strike teams to help combat COVID-19 in New Jersey.

“The simultaneous spread of Delta and Omicron variants as well as increased holiday travel and gatherings have caused a tsunami of infections,” Persichelli said, noting a “record high number of COVID cases and positivity rates.”

Hospitalizations are increasing: very high in the northern and central regions.

Rates of hospitalization in the southern region of New Jersey are higher now than the peak in 2020, Persichelli said.

There is at present a higher rate of pediatric hospitalizations than the 2020 peak.

As of today, 102 children are hospitalized, 76 of whom confirmed COVID-19 positive cases and 26 under investigation.

Hospital emergency departments are experiencing high patient volumes.

More on that here and here.

“The Department of Health is working with the State Office of Emergency Management and working with FEMA [Federal Emergency Management agency] to request federal strike teams for hospitals, and the National Guard for strike teams [to help] long-term care facilities,” Persichelli said.

In the past, expanding capacity off site of hospitals actually strained clinical staff, so the goal going forward will be to add capacity in and around existing hospital campuses, the health commissioner added.

“We must do everything we can to reduce the spread of this unrelenting virus,” she said.

But systems are lagging. Though 463,457 New Jersey residents ordered test kits, a government imposed cap of 30,000 per day amid national inventory constraints has made it difficult for people to get tested.


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