Currie Fire Blankets Guv after Van Drew Attack

Menendez and Currie.

TRENTON, NJ — New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman John Currie tonight released the following response to Rep. Jeff Van Drew’s (R-2)  attack on Governor Phil Murphy:

“Apparently Congressman Van Drew was deceiving his constituents far before he sold out our values and became a Trump Republican, because while he claims he didn’t vote for Governor Murphy the fact is that Van Drew endorsed the Governor and ran with him in 2017. Jeff Van Drew has made it clear that he will say anything, tell any lie and break any promise just to cling to his seat. That’s not the kind of leadership South Jersey wants, and that’s why Van Drew will be voted out this November.”

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  • Truth Serum

    Where’s the statement from the Democratic State Chairman about the pervasive sexual harassment in politics that has been reported? Where do you stand on that Mr. Chairman?

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