Van Drew Body Slams Murphy

Republican Congressman Jeff Van Drew released the following statement in response to  Governor Murphy’s comments regarding the President Trump’s upcoming “Keep America Great” Rally at the Wildwoods Convention Center on Tuesday, January 28th.

“You can add Phil Murphy to the list of reasons why I left the Democrat Party,” said Republican Congressman Jeff Van Drew. “I didn’t vote for him in 2017 and certainly wasn’t going to in 2021. Murphy is totally out of touch with the hard working middle class families and retirees here in South Jersey who are benefiting from the Trump economy despite the Governor’s best efforts to make New Jersey even more unaffordable. The only thing Murphy should be focused on is working with Republicans and Democrats to find solutions to the problems he caused without raising even more of our taxes.”

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  • tiredofit

    You didn’t vote for the Democratic nominee for Governor, and the next year stood to represent the Democratic Party for Congress? You were a traitor in secret before you were a traitor in public.

    • Jamestroy

      Says the D-Bag who kisses Murphy’s azz…

      • tiredofit

        Nice to see grown up contributions to the conversation here.

        • Jamestroy

          No grown ups necessary

    • Damian Fraley

      Not a traitor just a man with commonsense and the ability to be a rational thinker, unlike every single other dem in the house of representatives and all but one in the Senate, Joe Manchin is the only other dem in Washington that isnt a looney tune whiney crybaby child!!!!

      • tiredofit

        He endorsed Murphy, pledged his support to Murphy, campaigned with Murphy, accepted campaign contributions from Murphy, and now says despite all that he voted against Murphy?

        If that’s what you call common sense I woukd not want to be your coworker.

    • Barbara Withers-Kinsing

      regardless this State is a joke and People like Murphy need to be replaced.

      • tiredofit

        Best education in the country, richest county in the country, second happiest people in the country, best jobs in the country, access to NYC and Philly, pizza and subs … what a joke!

  • Cheryl Leitch
    • jeff s

      Deadbeat campaign for a deadbeat candidate.

  • jeff s

    Jeff Van Screw

  • Debbie Nawrocki Lawlor

    Democrats are burning a lot of support. Endless tries at impeachment, are wasting TAXPAYERS money

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