Currie: Hugin No Closer to Winning than Any Other Recent Senate Candidate


On Wednesday, Quinnipiac University released a poll showing a six-point U.S. Senate contest.

NJ Democratic Party Chair John Currie issued the following statement:

“Bob Hugin just hit his high water mark in this election. After spending $10 million on dishonest attack ads against Senator Menendez, he’s no closer to winning than any other recent Republican Senate candidate. Now, New Jersey voters are about to learn the truth about Hugin’s record of raising prices on cancer patients and donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to Donald Trump’s campaign. Senator Menendez is a proven fighter who will stand up against the Trump agenda and do what’s right for our communities, and that’s why he’ll be re-elected in November.”

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  • zanzibar

    Well, Bob Menendez sure does fight to get to those Dominican girls.
    He took lots of free trips from his Medicare scam pal who looted what, over $70 million from taxpayers while doing so.

    Bob Hugin is a marine with a great record in NJ business and frankly he’s not only a good pick; he’s a great pick.

    Let’s put Mendendez out of his misery and make NJ proud again with Bob Hugin as NJ Senator.

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