Currie’s Choice: Sweeney and Corrado Introduce Bill Aimed At Chairman

Amid the marathon voting sessions in the Statehouse today and a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting jam packed with nominations, Senate President Sweeney and LD40 GOP Senator Kristin Corrado tag teamed the introduction of a new piece of legislation seemingly aimed at NJSDC and Passaic County Dem Chairman Currie: S3618, a bill which would prohibit a state, county, or municipal political party committee chair from serving as county clerk or member of county board of election.  The full text of the bill wasn’t immediately available.

Currie earlier this year sought a pathway to the Clerkship, as Corrado ascended from that position to the Senate, taking her to court twice, while Sweeney made moves to block Currie – who also sits on the Passaic County Board of Elections.

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