De Koninck and Krayton of Publitics Win a Pollie Award for ‘Violation’

Publitics Political won Pollie Award at the annual American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) Conference in Huntington Beach, CA last night. The Publitics Political team of Matt Krayton and Henry de Koninck took home the award for their work on the 2016 Little Falls Mayoral campaign, where they helped James Damiano and the Strong Leadership Now team overturned four decades of Republican control.

The team produced one of the top mail pieces nationwide for a local race. The award-winning piece, “Violation,” combined with the overall campaign message and strategy, turned the tide of the race after James Damiano and his team faced an onslaught of negative attacks from their opponents.

“We pride ourselves on bringing together cutting edge technology, research and eye-catching creative in all of our work to drive success for our clients, ” said Publitics Principal Matt Krayton (pictured below). “It is particularly meaningful to have had our work recognized by industry peers who are in the also trenches.”

“The most effective mail pieces are devastatingly simple in concept and execution. On the Little Falls race – we had a fantastic piece of research in the newspaper article, and the creative was all about highlighting it. We framed the narrative by posing the question to voters “is this who you want handling our tax dollars” to which the electorate responded with a resounding “No,” said Principal Henry de Koninck (pictured above). “It was a great win, and being recognized for our work with a Pollie Award is extremely gratifying.”

Publitics is a public affairs, public relations, and strategy consultancy firm.

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