Defending Sweeney, Smith Goes Off on the NJEA, Sees Them in the First Circle of Hell for Four Years

The Senate Select Committee on Economic Growth Strategies Meeting will hold its first meeting on July 29. Chaired by Senator Bob Smith, the committee was formed in response to the NJEDA tax incentive controversy and subsequent establishment of Governor Phil Murphy’s task force.

An appalled Senator Bob Smith (D-17) scratched his signature on the paper in support of Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) as the South Jersey caucus leader attempts to withstand the ongoing salvos of a Republican candidate backed by the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA).

It’s one of the most foolish things I’ve ever seen done in New Jersey politics,” Smith told InsiderNJ, referring to the teachers’ union’s effort to get rid of Sweeney in the Nov. 7th Election.

“He’s an excellent senator, and I’m very sympathetic,” said Smith, who hails from Middlesex. “What the NJEA is doing is downright foolish. It’s a first principle error.

“What it does is it puts them in the first circle of hell of Dante’s Inferno for the next four years,” the senator added. “Steve is the second most powerful person in the state, and he’s getting reelected. He’s one of the most effective senate presidents we’ve ever had.”


“When he puts a bill up, it passes,” said Smith. “He will get 21 votes come hell or high water, and he has a strong progressive record too – whether its his advocacy on increasing the minimum wage, or his authorship of family care and other labor initiatives. He’s certainly been good for the labor movement, just look at the capital projects.”

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4 responses to “Defending Sweeney, Smith Goes Off on the NJEA, Sees Them in the First Circle of Hell for Four Years”

  1. The NJEA put ego before common sense and its members.

    The NJEA leadership is using members money on their own personal vendetta.

    They have also awoken a large passionate group of Sweeney supporters who will be all over LD 3 in the coming weeks .

    …but the NJEA leaders think the yare smarter than every other union.

    …can’t wait until November 8th!!

  2. These fat cat union leaders could care less about the membership:

    Here’s a few examples from NJEA’s 990 tax forms (including benefits):
    Vince Giordano, former Executive Director of NJEA, made $623,000 per year.
    Zella Felzenberg, current regional services director, makes $507,000 per year.
    Ed Richardson, current Executive Director of NJEA, makes $457,000 per year
    Barbara Keshishian, former president, made $398,000 per year.
    Ginger Gold Schnitzer, current lobbyist, makes $365,000 per year
    Timothy McGuckin, business administrator, makes $361,000 per year.
    Marie Blistan, NJEA’s vice president, makes $281,000 per year.

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