DeFilippis Running for Morris County Republican Chairmanship

Morris County is at a “critical crossroad” and Ron DeFilippis says he’s the guy to deal with it.  

DeFilippis today fired the first salvo in the race for Morris County Republican chairman, saying in a message to GOP leaders that, “We will either branch out, grow our party, get our constituents engaged … or we will lose elections.” 

Branch out or lose? That’s not exactly an encouraging proposition for what traditionally has been one of the most Republican regions of the state. 

But Republican margins of victory have narrowed recently and last fall, the GOP lost key municipal elections in Parsippany and Morris Township.

Some of this can be blamed on the unpopularity of President Trump and outgoing governor Chris Christie, but many GOP leaders want to fix the problem rather than analyze it. 

“This will no doubt be a game changing year with the most we’ve had at stake for decades,” DeFilippis says. That sounds very rhetorical, although the race for Congress in District 11 figures to be the most competitive in years.  

Incumbent Rodney P. Frelinghuysen is not running again and the leading Democratic candidate, Mikie Sherrill, is well-funded. Election watchers in Washington say the race is a toss-up. That’s not what Morris Republicans are accustomed to hearing.

DeFilippis is expected to face off for chairman against Rob Zwigard at the party’s June convention. 

DeFilippis sent out his message on the morning of the filing deadline for county committee candidates. He may hope his message will prompt candidates who like what he says to run for open committee seats.  It is the county committee, of course, which will vote for chairman in June.

In his message, DeFilippis outlined the following platform:

·       Grow the party.

·       Elect officials who act like Republicans.

·       Support all Republican candidates in general elections.

·       Foster Republican Party unity and respect differing views.

·       Win and fund contested elections.

·       Turn New Jersey “red.” 

·       Plan and host ongoing voter registration drives.

·       Have fun! 

That’s a tall order, especially turning New Jersey, which is now one of the most Democratic states in the union, red.

But if you don’t have ambitious goals, and if you don’t want to “have fun” reaching them, why bother?

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  1. Most, if not all of his platform is logical and should be standard operating procedure of any party organization, but I think such “radical” ideas are banned under the NJGOP By-laws.

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