‘The DeFusco Family’ Glossy Hits the Streets on Halloween in Hoboken

With a week until Election Day in a contentious city, a Halloween-Godfather conflated anti-Mike DeFusco mailer appeared on the streets of Hoboken this morning without any required identifying information.

Stuck in car windshields and stuck in the hands of passersby.

One side of the mailer features a take on The Addams Family, complete with an imitation of the letters on the old TV series. Flip the mail piece over, though, and that’s where The Godfather theme dominates. Handfuls of allies of mayoral candidate DeFusco appear in cameo shots as examples of “The DeFusco Family,” Sacco minder Joey Muniz, former Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia and former Councilman Chris Campos among them.

The shot of Ray Ferraioli isn’t, in fact, Ferraioli, but a shades-wearing lookalike, who doesn’t really look like Ferraioli.


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One response to “‘The DeFusco Family’ Glossy Hits the Streets on Halloween in Hoboken”

  1. This is a positive piece, it will likely mean the end of Ravi Bhalla and his political blogger, the well known bigot and hate monger Nancy Pinkass. Through her own arrogance, Pinkass provided evidence in her online posts that she either created or colluded with the creator of this illegal (no paid for line) and defamatory piece of trash. It has been forwarded to the proper law enforcement agency. Unfortunately nothing will likely come to pass before election day, but Pinkass will eventually get her due and no doubt flip on Ravi to save her own tail.

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