Dem Woodland Park Mayor Kazmark Endorses Two GOP Councilmembers In Elmwood Park

Having served as Borough Clerk and Administrator in Elmwood Park for 12 years, Keith Kazmark, the Democratic mayor of neighboring Woodland Park, endorsed GOP Councilmembers Maggie Giandomenico and Keith Work.

Praising the late Mayor Richard A. Mola, with whom he shared a close bond, Kazmark made his endorsement via Facebook, posting that “in August, I announced my resignation. My comments in the newspaper the next day mentioned that the current Council majority and I did not share the same governing style. It is a very true statement. Without getting into specifics or revealing confidentialities, there were simply things happening that I was quite uncomfortable with. Under the current Council majority, and the tone they set, it became evident it was time to move on.”

He continued: “You may ask, why a Democratic Mayor from another town would endorse two Republicans? Because for me, it’s about good government. Your town is at a crossroads and needs a healthy system of checks and balances. You need opposing voices to ask the tough questions and demand accountability. I’ve already gotten political backlash over this endorsement, however this is too important – for a place I truly care about – not to.”

In addition to Kazmark’s endorsement, Giadomenico also received a letter of support from Democratic Park Ridge Mayor Keith Misciagna; the GOP Councilwoman is the Borough Clerk there. 


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