Democratic Strategists Examine the Future of Their Party on State of Affairs

Philip B. Alagia, Chief of Staff of Essex County, NJ and Democratic Strategist, and Julie Roginsky, President of Comprehensive Communications Group and Democratic Strategist, join Steve Adubato for a compelling discussion about the future of the Democratic Party and polarizing politics. Recorded 3/21/23

Steve Adubato asks Roginsky and Alagia if President Joe Biden’s age is a factor and if there are other candidate options run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2024.

Julie Roginsky responds “Joe Biden’s done a great job as president, so I don’t really care how old he is or what he does in his spare time as long as he performs for the country. I would challenge you to find a more effective first-term president of either party at least in my lifetime. So, I have no problem with Joe Biden’s age provided that he can keep delivering in the second term the way he delivered in the first.”

Phil B. Alagia says “I think it’s not about age it’s about ability and capability and he’s been doing an outstanding job. He’s been around the world leading the country and if he continues to do that he should be regarded on what he’s doing not how old he is. There’s no mandatory retirement age, he’ll face the voters and they’ll make a decision on whether or not they think he can lead our country, and I think he can he’s done a phenomenal job.”

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