While Dems Celebrate in AC, Guadagno Slams ‘Wall Street Millionaire’ Murphy


While Democrats party in Atlantic City and try to project pains that they’re not actting arrogant, Republican Kim Guadagno today released a new TV ad, “Break,” highlighting her plan to audit Trenton as New Jersey governor and use the savings to deliver property tax relief for working families.

Click here to watch the ad: https://youtu.be/ziftDdHSYLs

There’s another ad, as well, this one aimed at rival Phil Murphy’s Goldman Sachs background.



“While Goldman Sachs millionaire Phil Murphy has promised to increase taxes if elected governor, Kim Guadagno knows New Jersey families deserve a break,” said Dave Huguenel, Guadagno campaign manager. “Her plan will cut property taxes for the middle class by capping school taxes to 5% of household income, giving working families immediate relief and certainty they’ll be able to afford to stay in New Jersey.”


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