Dems Go Under the Hood Again as Trenton Waits

TRENTON – They went under the hood again amid questions about how far they planned to go.

They have to find a way to close a gap of $200 million odd dollars by midnight or they’re done.

Governor Phil Murphy wanted a millionaire’s tax on income earners above $1.75 million.

Sweeney said a $5 million threshold or bust.

Sources said the two appear dug in and unwilling to move.

This just in, a source said Murphy moved to $2.5 million as the threshold. This was an unconfirmed piece of information coming from someone not inside the budget negotiations.

They would still be off $171 million, the source said.

Would Sweeney move?

Reporters waited outside in the parking lot behind 225 West Main Street.

Shut the government down, some progressives screamed. We’ll blame Sweeney.

There were cries among the Sweeney faithful too: shut it down, we’ll blame Murphy.

Who would blink?

Would it be Sweeney, edging toward another compromise by getting closer to $1.75 million?

Would it be Murphy, pushing closer to $5 million?

Failing a deal this afternoon, would Murphy – with time ticking down to midnight – grab a red pen and line item, under the threat of Republicans joining Sweeney/Coughlin Democrats to override those vetoes?

Or would Democrats in the Legislature cry uncle at that point, go to Speaker Craig Coughlin and say what the hell are you doing?

Whatever happened, government would shut down tomorrow anyway, procedurally jammed until the legislature reconvened on the other side of the weekend.


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