Did New Jersey Lose its Damn Mind?

CHESTER TWP. – Mike Inganamort stood amid supporters in the backyard of his home and delivered a blunt message.

“The state of New Jersey has lost its damn mind.”

Those few words aptly sum up the Republicans’ campaign theme with the legislative elections six weeks or so away.

Sure, this is destined to be a low turnout affair, but campaign activity is underway throughout New Jersey.

Inganamort is in a very safe district for the GOP – LD-24which covers Sussex County, a conservative bastion, and a small part of Morris County, which is where he was Wednesday evening.

Inganamort, who is the mayor of this town, is seeking an Assembly seat along with Dawn Fantasia. Both are newcomers. Parker Space is running for the Senate. District representation is changing because two legislators, Assemblyman Harold Wirths and Senator Steve Oroho, are not seeking reelection.

The point here is that Democrats have swung too far left in regard to pushing all types of sex education in schools, banning gas-powered cars by 2035 and putting marine life at risk by supporting off-shore wind turbines. And, of course, they are also continuing to spend – and spend – and spend.

Everyone enjoying beverages and food on this lovely September night concurred, but some may recall everything in this district has not been peaches and cream.

The June Assembly primary here was especially nasty and personal.

Reflecting on that, Fantasia said the team of candidates went through the fire and are better for it.

And now, she’s ready to “battle the lunacy” in Trenton.

That’s the Republicans’ argument all over New Jersey and it is why Inganamort says the state has lost its “damn mind.”

Let’s look at two other districts.

* * *

In the competitive legislative race in LD-16, two of the candidates sent out a release about the Hillsborough Board of Education.

No surprise on the surface. As stated, Republicans across the state say education, or rather parents’ rights, are one of the key issues in the November election.

In this case, however, it’s the Democrats who are talking about schools.

Assemblyman Roy Freiman came to the recent Hillsborough school board meeting to announce $626,000 in state funding for the district. The money will be used to upgrade “aging equipment” in the high school auditorium.

Freiman and fellow Democrats, Sen. Andrew Zwicker and Assembly candidate Mitchelle Drulis, are trying to keep control of a district that ranges over parts of four counties – Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex and Somerset.

If nothing else, this reinforces the power of incumbency. Incumbents can get money for local governments, challengers can’t.

* * *

Remember the “kitchen table” back in the 2021 gubernatorial election.

Jack Ciattarelli said during a debate that such things as sexuality should be discussed not in school but by a family at their “kitchen table.”

Phil Murphy retorted with a crack:

“Lots going on at your kitchen table.”

That prompted Ciattarelli in the days ahead to criticize Murphy for making fun of something as wholesome as the kitchen table.

Although it is likely sheer coincidence, the Dems in LD-38 seem to like the kitchen table as well. LD-38 in Bergen County has been Democratic of late, but Republicans see a chance to flip it.

The GOP candidates are Micheline Attieh for Senate and Gail Horton and Barry Wilkes for Assembly.

At any rate, a recent advertisement for Sen. Joe Lagana and Assembly members Chris Tully and Lisa Swain shows the Democratic candidates in a kitchen happily preparing a meal.

It’s quite the homey feeling.

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14 responses to “Did New Jersey Lose its Damn Mind?”

  1. There are 1700 nurses on strike at RWJ in New Brunswick since August 4th and Murphy has continued to hide! Not one word yet he intervened with the Rutgers strike! Is it because he is in RWJ’s pocket? Good thing his term is over! He is a HORRIBLE human being!!

  2. I think if you really believe that the earth
    “ could be changing “ AND do nothing that could be considered an egregious act ( by having a total lack of conscious ) against humanity .
    Certainly not to be measured by neither economy nor convenience.

  3. Everything has gotten worse since Murphy came to office. Property taxes are higher, the state’s debt has exploded, education achievement has declined, crime has risen and government officials are consistently unresponsive, even though their pay has increased. The ELEC ‘reforms’ were the last straw, by defanging the election enforcement commission corruption will be hidden by Democrat design. Voting Republican across the board, Dems no longer represent the normal people of NJ.

  4. I sincerely believe Murphy is experiencing some grave Mental Issues! He is adopting many totally Ridiculous Agendas! He follows California’s Policies like a little lost Puppy Dog! I would recommend Murphy engage in the services of a qualified Mental Therapist!

  5. Anyone voting for Democrats is voting to turn this state and country into a Communist dictatorship. Everything the Democrat-Communists are doing and have done in Trenton and Washington, D.C. is to line their pockets and increase their power. Historically, this is the old Soviet Union Dictatorship all over again. The elitists run the show, while the rest of the people live in poverty and misery, where food and fuel is outrageously expensive, crime is not controlled by the government, the people are disarmed and have no human right to self-defense against criminals and government aggressors, and property rights are almost non-existent. Your property belongs to the state. Just try NOT paying your outrageously excessive property taxes and watch what happens.

    So, anyone thinking of voting Democrat in this November election, needs be lobotomized or move to California, Red China, North Korea, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, or any other Communist-style dictatorship. Those countries are more to your style and liking.

  6. Cristie did a wonderful job,cut everything just to balance budget.schools,pension funds,services for seniors.sat on his arse on the beach rememver him

  7. This is what happens when you vote for DemoncRats & Rinos!!!
    I want reparations from everyone that voted for DemoncRATS & Rinos!!!
    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP 2024🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. Thank God there are other New Jersey citizens that recolonize! what our elected officials are doing.
    I thought I was the only voice in the wilderness.
    The climate change and other communist generated
    crap will destroy our country. Our governor has hooked his wagon to their agenda, hoping he can get to Washington.

  9. And still these polluted voters continue to vote these corrupt people in. Just take a look at Menendez. We all know what he’s about and yet he’s still in office. I cannot believe people of this once great state are this stupid. Doing the same crap over and over and expect a different result is the definition of insanity. And boy has this state become insane
    Soon as possible, I’m out!

  10. The climate is always changing and it has been that way since the beginning of time. The Demos are sending the State of New Jersey to hell and if we don’t get these people out of Office we will all be going there too.

  11. The people in NJ have got to start reading and following the news: Both Sides. Menendez is an embarrassment to us New Jersey voters. Wake up , he was charged and got away with the same thing in 2020! Bet he thought he was bulletproof. Biden is ruining our great country and NJ continues to vote Democratic. The climate is constantly changing, we need better infrastructure before someone decides to hit our electric grid. Come on people, use your brains for once. Vote Republican! Try it and see if you don’t have more money at the end of the month!

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