Diehard Biden Backer Fischer Mints Buttons of Prez Candidate

Biden button.

Longtime Joe Biden backer June S. Fischer of Clark had buttons made of her favorite candidate – complete with images of the Garden State in mirror-back Biden-sporting sunglasses  – and is set to distribute them if and when Biden returns to New Jersey.

A retired Democratic State Committeewoman, Fischer told InsiderNJ that she had around 200 of the buttons (pictured above) made by artist Suzanne Ring Glassman in honor of Biden.

As for polling today that shows the former Vice President sinking and others, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren among them – gaining, Fischer said, “I’m not frightened at all; I’m not concerned.”

The poll finds a virtual three-way tie among Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (20%), Warren (20%), and Biden (19%) “in the presidential nomination preferences of registered Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters across the country,” according to Monmouth University. “Compared to Monmouth’s June poll, these results represent an increase in support for both Sanders (up from 14%) and Warren (up from 15%), and a significant drop for Biden (down from 32%).”

Biden will ultimately prevail in the 2020 Democratic Primary for President, she said, because of “the manner of man he is. Nobody is uncomfortable with Joe Biden. People are supporting others, but nobody is uncomfortable with Joe.”

Back in April, when Biden first entered the race for the presidency, InsiderNJ asked Fischer if she fretted at all about the possibility of millennial voters not understanding the old school former vice president.

“I don’t,”said the veteran of Democratic National Conventions going back to 1972 and George McGovern. “I have a 27-year-old grandson, and he told me his friends like Biden. Why? It’s about trust. They feel they can trust him.”

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