Dienst Report: NJ Housing Security Director Fired Amid Corruption Probe

North Bergen Housing Authority security director Geoffrey Santini has been placed on leave while an outside law firm investigates his side job running an animal control business, according to NBC News. Chief investigative reporter Jonathan Dienst reports.

For the story, please go here.

From spokesman for NBHA:

“After consulting with the Special Counsel investigating this matter, North Bergen Housing Authority Executive Director Gerald Sanzari terminated the employment of Director of Security Geoff Santini on March 28, 2018. The NBHA Board was apprised of the decision and formal action will be taken to ratify the decision at the next NBHA Board meeting. NBHA’s internal investigation into the matter is ongoing and the Housing Authority will also fully cooperate with any inquiries being made by outside agencies. NBHA is committed to efficiently utilizing taxpayer resources and is currently undergoing an internal review of employee accountability procedures.”

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