‘Dinner Table Democracy’ Honoring the Life and Work of Nick Acocella to Air June 16th


Dinner Table Democracy: A Look Back at Pasta and Politics with Nick Acocella will air on NJPBS (formerly NJTV) on June 16, 2021 at 8PM.

It will be online shortly thereafter.

The hour-long tribute to the show demonstrates the late N.J. legend Nick Acocella’s vision of what was so intriguing about what he lovingly described as “this thing of ours.”

Using the best moments from each of the twenty-six guests’ interviews of this rare political talk show, Dinner Table Democracy highlights the show’s thesis on the importance of civility in politics, which starts with sitting down at the dinner table together. Discussions of how guests got their starts in politics are intercut with montages of the one-liners, Jersey-isms, cooking fun facts, and political zingers that made the shows so lively.

“We know my dad believed that breaking bread – Italian bread, of course – leads to better political and policy outcomes and humanizes politicians,” said Francesca Acocella. “I hope you will be able to tune in on June 16, 2021 to have dinner with my dad one more time.”


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  • Kathleen Demarest

    Tell your neighbors, your friends, your family members, strangers on the street
    on June 16 at 8pm on NJPBS a program about our beloved Nick Acocella
    will be aired.

    Loving to cook and wanting to be an informed voter, I was a big fan of this
    program. I always felt that when guests were prepping meals with Nick,
    they were relaxed and truly themselves. One program with Nick gave
    me a better understanding of the guest than months of photo-ops
    and glossy flyers.

    I once emailed Nick via NJTV, my appreciation for his program.
    To my surprise and delight, he replied. To illustrate his kindness
    and his humility in giving credit to his crew, I quote the email.

    “Many thanks for your kind words and appreciation of what we do.
    I can assure you, that while much of it is fun, a whole lot of it involves
    considerable effort——not just by me but by a crew that makes me
    and the guest look smarter and like better cooks.” Nick Acocella

    Cook some pasta, make one of Nick’s dishes, have a party
    and on June 16 watch the program about Nick Acocella.
    I am sure it will be worthy of your time.

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