Dodd Running for Dover Mayor

DOVER – James Dodd is on the comeback trail.

The former mayor, who lost reelection in 2019 after falling out of favor with Morris County Democrats, is running again for the top job in this historic and politically-charged town.

Dodd announced his plans a few nights ago, speaking behind a podium decked out with a sign reading, “Bring Back Dodd.”  No need to be subtle, one supposes.

Back in 2019, Dodd was essentially given a kick in the butt when county Dems did not endorse him. Undaunted, he ran as an independent and lost by 50 votes to current mayor  Carolyn Blackman.

This year, he says he’s running as a Democrat.

“I’ve been a lifelong registered Democrat,” Dodd said in a text message.

That obviously sets up a primary – but among who?

Blackman, of course,can run for reelection, but that’s not definite.

There is also Ed Correa, who told InsiderNJ a few weeks ago that he will not make a decision about running for mayor until he knows what Blackman is going to do.

Correa’s views of Dodd are a bit more straightforward..

“We have had enough of him,” Correa said at the time.

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