Doubling Down on Support for Malinowski, Tittel Rails Against ‘Trump-Enabling’ Green Party


Longtime activist and progressive NJ Sierra Club Director Jeff Tittel condemned the Green Party in this election cycle as little more than a functionary of President Donald J. Trump.

He expressly mentioned the importance of the candidacy of his preferred candidate Tom Malinowski, who is challenging U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance (R-7) in a district that also features the candidacy of Green Diane Moxley.

“This election has more consequences for the environment than any other modern-day election. A vote for the Green Party is really a vote for Trump, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan,” said Tittel. Never has it been more important to send a message to the Fossil Fool in the white house. We have environmental champions up for re-election and new candidates like Malinowski who have taken strong pro-environmental positions.

“In 2016, Jill Stein got more votes in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin then the margin of victory for Donald Trump in those states,” Tittel added. “If those people had voted for Hilary Clinton instead, we wouldn’t have Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court or a Congress who is pushing for pipelines and fracking public lands. We cannot afford to throw our votes away to the Green Party and risk these candidates losing in this close election year.”

Somerville’s favorite son, the late Paul Robeson, backed the Democrats.

And now progressives have to rally around the party again, Tittel argued. 

“In 1944 Paul Robeson, a New Deal Supporter, voted for Franklin Roosevelt because the left was a united front against authoritarianism and fascism,” he said. “Today, we need a united front against Trump and his agenda. That’s why the Sierra Club, the nation’s oldest and largest environmental group, has endorsed Democratic candidates such as Tom Malinowski who will fight climate change. The stakes in this election are too high to vote for a third party.”

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3 responses to “Doubling Down on Support for Malinowski, Tittel Rails Against ‘Trump-Enabling’ Green Party”

  1. Democrat shill Jeff Tittle is becoming very tiresome. His announcing support of a Democrat candidate ceased to be news years ago and doesn’t even need to be reported, it is assumed.

  2. Malinowski is certainly not about to do what’s needed to protect us from climate change. We need drastic, not incremental, systemic and global change. He’s not going to help us with the other urgent issues either, like our imperialism and the military-industrial complex, private prisons, lack of accessible healthcare, poverty and homelessness, etc. If there is a problem with our electoral system that makes you say we should be limiting our democracy amd our voices, then do something about the system itself, not those trying to do something better than “lesser evil”. Those voters in 2016 were not going to vote for Clinton even if Stein was not running. Look at the bigger picture and stop blaming voters for wanting real representation.

  3. Last time I was in Sommerville was protesting the Edison Research owner who refused to release the raw polling data which could have given probable cause for investigating the 2016 election fraud. Went back to the Green Party afterwards. I used to be the Group Chairman for the Albuquerque Area Sierra Club and never did I hear such an outrageous statement by a State Director. Worse yet was the failure to be inclusive of the Greens. Your NJ State Diirector needs to go. Greens by platform and actions are better than both Democrats and Republicans running. Sad to see this .

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