Dr. Cornel West Endorses Lawrence Hamm For Senate

Dr. Cornel West today endorsed Lawrence Hamm, candidate for U.S. Senate .

“I met Brother Hamm some twenty-odd years ago when I had the honor of speaking before the People’s Organization for Progress, the social justice organization he founded in 1983,” said West. “Lawrence Hamm is a brother who has dedicated his life in the service of others steeped in the tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King., Jr. A life lived in service to the least and most vulnerable of us is a life worthy of honor; and one that gives us all hope for the future …I endorse Lawrence Hamm for Senate in New Jersey with the belief that he is [the] very idea of the reimagining of this country we both love. Brother Hamm will take the people onto the floor of the Senate and demand this country live up to the very premise of democracy and justice for all.”

Dr. West is Professor of Practice of Public Philosophy at Harvard University and holds the title of Professor Emeritus at Princeton University.

Lawrence responded to this momentous endorsement with the following:

“I am humbled and encouraged by this recent endorsement from Dr. Cornel West. He is a friend, a brother and a compatriot. His support deepens our stride, quickens our pace, and strengthens our resolve as we move ever forward.”

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