Edison Democrats Call for Election Monitor After County Clerk ‘Loses’ Mail In Ballot Applications

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Today, Mahesh Bhagia for Mayor sent a follow up letter to the US Attorney’s Office, seeking an Election Monitor in the June 8th, 2021 Democratic Primary. He said he made the request after the Middlesex County Clerk still did not show receipt of over 100 people Vote By Mail applications submitted weeks ago.

Minorities, including Indian Americans, Chinese Americans, and Muslim Americans, submitted over 90% of the applications in question.

This follows as the Bhagia campaign previously submitted a letter to the US Attorney providing evidence and specific situations of intimidation and retaliation taken by Middlesex County Democratic Organization Chairman Kevin McCabe and Senior Staff of the Governor’s staff, Bhagia said.

In the letter, an attorney for the Bhagia campaign said, “My clients are running “off the line,” meaning they are not supported by the Middlesex County Democratic Chairman Kevin McCabe and his organization. Since filing to run, the Middlesex County Democratic Organization and its supporters have launched a full-time campaign – not on the issues in Edison or Middlesex County – but against the candidates, their employers, their clients, and their friends and family.

Team Bhagia said the intent is clear: “to intimidate the candidates into dropping out of the race and therefore denying voters any meaningful choice in the election, or conversely to create a culture of intimidation such that financial supporters and voters are fearful of retaliation if they support my clients.”

Today’s letter asks for specific assistance to combat an apparent attempt by the Middlesex
County Clerk’s office to suppress the vote.

Over 100 people who have submitted Vote By Mail applications are still waiting to be marked by the Middlesex County Clerk Nancy Pinkin, who is the former running mate of Senator Patrick Deignan and Assemblyman Robert Karabinchak who are running against the “Democrats of Middlesex County” candidates.

The letter also highlights the most recent attempt to intimidate members of a minority community, when a surrogate of the Sam Joshi campaign, Sam Khan, referred to a culture of fear when he stated that if one supports Mahesh Bhagia , he will face the “wrath of establishment Dems”.

“I am extremely concerned about the level of corruption we have seen this far in the Election. I look forward to the US Attorney thoroughly investigating the actions taken by Kevin McCabe, Sam Joshi campaign, and senior staff in the Governor’s office,” Mahesh Bhagia said. “I also hope Governor Murphy demonstrates leadership by condemning what appears to be a clear cut case of voter suppression. These are not the values of our Democratic Party.”

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