‘F-ck Joe Biden’ and other Tales from Trump’s Wildwood

WILDWOOD- The woman standing a few feet away from me is wearing a shirt that says “F… Joe Biden.”

Meanwhile, God Bless America is blaring over the PA system.

Thousands, presumably, are gathering on the beach in anticipation of Donald Trump’s appearance in a few hours.

Rock music is now being played as the faithful trudge through the sand and brave long lines for food and drink. And they wait.

Trump rallies are different.

Everyone knows that.

Just about everyone is wearing some sort of Trump related clothing.

Hats with his name.

Shirts proclaiming MAGA.

And of course, shirts with the aforementioned vulgar message.

Another one I saw implores voters to oppose “Joe and the Hoe.”

A woman just passed by wearing a shirt that says, “If you don’t like Trump you won’t like me.”

That may limit your social life, but then again, who knows?

There is genuine passion here to be sure. No one should discount that.

On one hand, it’s quite an amazing story how a rich guy from New York City – a guy to whom so much was given –  can engender such adulation among the masses – or at least some of them.

A less charitable view is that this is a cult and like all cults, the driving force is pure fanaticism. The belief that Trump’s likes and dislikes somehow reflect those of his followers has been there since 2016.

The rally will be on the beach, but Jack Ciattarelli was working the Boardwalk up above  posing for pictures with Trump supporters.

Things do change in politics, but there are always those who remember what happened – or what was said – a few years ago.

In this case, a small plane overhead told one and all that Ciattarelli, the 2025 gubernatorial candidate, once called Trump an embarrassment.  Ouch.

Over at a  waterfront restaurant a few blocks away, America First Republicans gathered for a pre-rally party.

Amid the chicken wings and Bloody Marys,  the mayor of Plumsted Township,  Dominick  Cuozzo, said bluntly that Trump will win New Jersey this  fall. He said he reached that conclusion after  a “meet and greet” brought out Democrats who didn’t like Joe Biden.

  1. But no Republican has won New Jersey since 1988.

Which brings us back to the true size of MAGA.

There was talk that the rally would draw 40,000.


Then again, more than one person I spoke with said southbound traffic on the Parkway this morning was lighter than they expected.


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48 responses to “‘F-ck Joe Biden’ and other Tales from Trump’s Wildwood”

  1. Just remember all Americans were given the right to vote for their beliefs, by all the men and women who gave their lives for that right. On this note don’t let the far left take those rights!!!

  2. all white supremecists, fascists, and have no creditability or morals just like the cult leader they admire for his criminality and mysogyny and foul mouth and anti-glbtq stances and anti abortion. pathetic display of losers in a cult which is so anti-american supporting a man who loves putin and dictators, has been twice impeached, has 88 criminal charges and is an international disgrace! lockhimup

  3. I’m in Wildwood right now. What’s washed up on the beach is a few thousand pieces of the usual Trump flotsam and jetsam. No more than that.

  4. These four comments amaze me……these are true blue NJ Trump haters. Shame on you. If you haven’t learned in the past four years how criminal the demonrat party has become you might as well put yourselves in a home of the mentally deranged.

  5. Thank you fellow Americans for supporting Donald Trump, it should be obvious he’s a true American, like you, loves our country. Our future depends on he getting elected in November. I thank everyone that showed for the Wildwood NJ Rally. Thank you city of Wildwood for hosting! God bless America!

  6. I wonder if the salt water smell in the air covered up the sh*t overflowing from that Adderal-addict rapists Depends.

  7. The “Not so Silent” Majority finally get their Voice!
    If Joe Biden held a Rally anywhere, he’d be lucky to draw a thousand supporters! So he won’t!
    Be sure to vote and vote early! The Biden early “Ballot Stuffers” have to be neutralized!

  8. You liberals will never get out of your bubble to understand what is happening in America, we are sick of the propaganda, dems trying to redefine biology, open borders, Biden can’t walk and chew gum, he’s a dementia ridden pathetic excuse for an American, all he’s done his entire career is sellout to whatever he thinks is mainstream enough to get him elected. History will show Biden for what he truly is and trumps will go down as an American hero

  9. Red state Florida LOVES mail-in-voting. Does that mean that Desantis’ victory was a fraud? Or is mail-in-voting only bad when people reject your guy?

  10. Trump Drew over 100,000 at his rally and there was 20,000 lined up on the highway to wave to him and there was over 30,000 lined up on the beach from miles that is over $150,000 people world record tell me again you losers on this posting that anybody is not voting for Trump it looks like this is going to be a trump freaking Landslide like never seen before

  11. Another Jim Jones, next everybody will be injecting bleach into thier arms , while they are raking the forest. Dumdsh’ts

  12. I was there with 100,000 of my closest friends. Such an awesome experience for America’s greatest President since RR. Haters gonna hate. FJB.

  13. Well ain’t that America, even insurrection supporting election over throwing ,serial sexual predator, convicted sex offending, $88 million dollars civil judgement verdict, cadet heel Spurs draft dodging, adjudicated tax evading co conspirator ,classified government document pilfering, Bible selling for lawyers fees, university fraud huckster settlement serial bankruptcy artist, 400 million appeal bonded litigant, Vladimir Putin supporting , North Korean lovin, deny, delay, defend , appeal, lose, supporters can flex their 1st amendment right to be willfully mistaken ?

  14. Oh yes the disastrous cut and run policy he telegraphed negotiating directly with the taliban releasing 5,000 from prison while cutting us troop strength from 77k to 2500, while extending the tsliban an invitation to come to Camp David on US soil, and refusing to brief the incoming administration?
    Least We Forget right?

  15. Every American has a right to their own opinions.
    If you like Trump or Biden that’s your choice.
    No need to bash others for the opinions they have.
    Just don’t ram your radical leftist agenda down the throat of others. I stand with Trump,I will work hard to Make America Great Again! Biden has failed
    tremendously. MY OPINION

  16. Guys with tiny dicks always try to inflate their numbers. Magaloids aren’t good with math or facts.

  17. None of these working class people have read the project 2025 plans. They are working class people and will lose all their rights. Especially the woman. I like that. When the Trump party takes over and the rules change when we tell a woman what to do she better shut up not say a word and damn well do it. That’s the only thing good Trump’s going to do for America if he wins. His supporters talk about inflation in the economy yet his tax plan resist the working Man’s taxes every 3 years. He robbed the poor and gave to the rich. The only thing good that will come from every election of Donald Trump is when we tell a woman to sit down and shut up and open her mouth and close her mouth that’s what she damn well better do.

  18. Hilarious how your article has multiple falsehoods in it yet you call Trump a cult. What about Democrats literally limiting and taking all of our rights away? Oh let me guess, because CNN THINKS he will, you all think it’s real. Hilarious. 72% vs 28% you Dems are gonna lose historically, but keep staying in your online echo chambers. Funny how you had a nice time too, but had to paint it as evil and cultist despite literally nothing happening. You’re all traitors.

  19. These Trumpers are total morons lol keep paying the grift don’t involve my beautiful mind with your legal billsfoul ids.. Meanwhile who got covid herps and warts all in the same day? About a thousand Trumpers in wildwood jersey

  20. I guess Danny and Ethel support Hamas too. Where is the Epstein list Steward? If Trump was on it it would be out there.

  21. At least he didn’t drop pallets full of cash for the terrorists in Iran to buy their weapons with or make sure Russia has a good supply of our uranium or give up our mineral rights to Iraq or deplete our emergency gasoline supply or sell give or trade secrets to China, Ukraine whoever the highest bidder is or leaving Afghanistan in the most embarrassing way that left many dead and billions and billions of our supplies behind for the terrorists to just have as a gift well I can go on but it’s time for lunch I think I can afford a couple of crackers because the economy has driven food prices through the roof. TRUMP 2024!

  22. Oh puhleeezzzz John? The anecdotal facts of the Epstein/Trump association are indisputable
    “ I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy,” Trump told New York magazine in 2002. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it—Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

  23. But Kathy Griffin holding up a severed head made to look like Trump is acceptable?
    Get over yourself and try reading the posts from Biden supporters, though they are few. Trump rallies don’t even come close to the level of vitriol on the left. Just wait til the Chicago DNC Convention, it’s going to make 1968 look tame!

  24. Indicted former president welcomed by indicted Wildwood Mayor and Indicted Commissioner of public safety to host rally. Two thirds of the wildwood commission is under indictment. A perfect match!

  25. That was years before he was first exposed in the Florida pedophile case. After it was made aware that Epstein was a pedo President Trump had him permanently thrown out of Mar-a-lago.
    If you’re interested in Presidents who remained friends with Epstein after he was charged, Bill Clinton (and Hillary) are who you’re looking for. Have you not seen the photos of an underage girl massaging Bill? How about the portrait of him in a dress at Epstein’s NY home?

  26. After you read 3 sentences of this dreck it’s obvious this is a left Murphy bootlicker that I am sure is housing 3 illegal invaders in their home. FJB and This writer.

  27. So, Michael your acknowledgement of a controversial relationship between the Orange Geebus as a known Epstein associate is a refreshing mis culpa admission around here?
    Now about the insinuation that none other than Mrs Trump was also a known Epstein associate and was reportedly introduced to the philandering Trump by Epstein is a spicy factoid doncha think?

  28. Steward, Biden is doing a great job, in between smelling hair and sending money to Iran for attacks on Israel, he and his do nothings are supporting all the non-productive people in the country and coming up empty for productive Americans. Trump is no saint but at least he is for the USA. Enjoy paying out your butt for everything and ignoring lie after lie for you hero Joe.

  29. The Trump Derangement Syndrome crowd is out in full force here. They are the Democrats that are helping destroy New Jersey along with their Democrat-Communist politicos. When over 100,000 New Jerseyans show up at a rally for Trump, you all know that New Jersey has a serious problem with their Democrat-Communist run state. 100,000 people are fed up with New Jersey. As politicians tell us all the time, 1 person showing up at a rally equals 30 more like minded people. You’re looking at least 3 MILLION disaffected New Jerseyan voters (mostly on the right). Talk to many Democrats, other than the brain dead idiots in this comment column, and you’ll find that they’ll be voting Trump come November!!!!!!!

  30. Another Fourth Estate Fail.
    Stop normalizing Trump. His speech content was about Hannibal Lecter, ships circling land locked China, Jimmy Connors was POTUS, slurred speech & a big empty space filled with garbage before he stopped rambling and slurring his speech. No reporting about that. It’s all equal to you? You failed in 2016 & haven’t learned a thing.

  31. The only thing I have to say: 100,000 plus @ Wildwood. That’s NOT a cult! That’s a Force of Nature. For all you unbelievers that are going to be left behind when the time comes, GOD IS WITH TRUMP!!!!!!!!

  32. Michael Schnackenberg hits us with his usual cogent, informative comments we’re traitors if we support Trump and that we should all drop dead. Hey FAT MICHAEL (who has to ride a go-cart to get where he goes because he’s too fat to walk), the only people who’ll drop dead are those supporting Democrats!!!! Democrats are the traitors. They support Muslims (thanks to Obama’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood who have the goods on him that he’s a flamer). These are the same Muslims who want to subjugate women and keep them from driving or going to school. These are the same Muslims who throw gays off of high buildings and cut certain sexual body parts off of transvestites before hanging them in the square. So, all of you Democrat-Communists keep supporting Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

  33. Ashley Biden, daughter of China Joe Biden, just confirmed in her diary that her father, Joe Biden, sexually abused her.

  34. Voting Republican from Trump on down is not a political choice. It is a bad moral choice. If you vote Trump you have no character.

  35. Anyone voting for Biden and Democrats is voting for the China Joe Biden Racketeering Crime Family & Racketeering Administration. Voting for Democrat law makers is akin to voting for the Communist Party anymore. If you want to continue paying high taxes, high prices at the gas pump and grocery store, allowing illegal aliens to move into your state and get free entitlements that you can’t afford, having your kids subjected to LGBTQ, Trans pedophiles in schools and elsewhere, getting less services, having Social Security and Medicare go “belly-up”, keep voting Democrat-Communists.

    The only moral choice is voting for Republicans.

  36. Vulgar T-Shirts is tame compared to what vile things Trans Activists are doing to children in kindergarten in New Jewsey.

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