Frelinghuysen Endorses Bramnick for Governor

Former Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen Endorses Bramnick for Governor

“I am proud to endorse Jon Bramnick for Governor, as he is a principled, dedicated conservative who wins elections because he stands by his convictions! His legislative service to New Jersey has been marked by honesty, thoughtfulness and good humor, at a time when such marks of character are in short supply.

I’m very happy Jon Bramnick is running, as he knows that public safety, taxes, corruption and fiscal mismanagement are taking a toll, as many long time New Jersey residents and corporations are exiting our great state.”

-Former Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen


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3 responses to “Frelinghuysen Endorses Bramnick for Governor”

  1. Frelinghuysen shows that he’s just another Ivy Tower, Establishment liberal RINO! Rodney, Bramnick is NO conservative!

  2. I’m a lifelong New Jerseyan and Republican. I would NEVER vote for Bramnick for Governor. First, Bramnick is an ambulance-chasing attorney. Lawyers should not be politicians. It’s a major unconstitutional conflict of interest when a lawyer, who is a politician, makes laws to benefit his profession. It is a violation of separation of powers–the Judicial Branch (since lawyers are members of the judicial branch) permeating and infiltrating the Legislative Branch (and the Executive Branch for that matter).

    Bramnick has come out and said he is not a Trump supporter or MAGA supporter. I guess that’s a slap in the face of almost half of the New Jersey voting population. There are more Conservative-Republicans than Bramnick understands in his miniscule faux comedian’s mind. Being the RINO, or Democrat-Lite, that he is, is the reason that a lot of New Jersey Conservatives/Republicans do not come out to vote for Republican candidates in New Jersey–because the candidates are RINOS and fake Republicans.

    Bramnick is not the “Republican” for New Jersey. Someone else needs to show up as true Conservative and Republican. If not, New Jersey Democrat leadership in the Legislature will continue to walk all over a Republican Governor for decades to come.

  3. Excellent!
    Bramnick calls patriotic Trump supporters crazies! He has nothing but contempt for these
    hard-working decent people and he could teach Pelosi and Schumer how to disparage Donald J. Trump!

    Bramnick is also an unfunny comedian too!

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