Fulop can’t Separate Menendez Father from Son

Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop’s full statement on U.S. Rep. Rob Menendez (D-NJ):

Late last week, the Hudson County Democratic Organization issued a statement that they would support Congressman Rob Menendez for another term in office.

I respect the position of the mayors in Hudson County and we have a close relationship but I have a different view here. I’m not on board with supporting Rob Menendez for another term in Congress. It’s time to move on.

When Senator Menendez first got indicted, I thought maybe I could separate the father and son, and I even expressed that to Rob. As time went on, I realized it is impossible to do that and the situations are tied together. It’s not a secret that Rob got to Congress only because of his dad’s influence, so it’s fair to move on from Rob now because of that same influence.

It is also clear that the senator continues to say he will still run for reelection despite the embarrassment for our state, the senator still threatens people privately and publicly, and the congressman has not separated himself from any of it. I understand it’s his dad, but it’s unreasonable to be linked together because of family only when it helps.

The voters will ultimately decide what they want. I believe a clean slate is needed and is best for both NJ and Hudson County.

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