Fulop Laments Establishment Democrats’ Malinowski ‘Mistake’


The senior leadership team rolled out this week by Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop revealed at least one subtext worth examining: the presence of some former staffers of U.S. Rep. Tom Malinowski.

Malinowski, you’ll recall, was that incumbent Democratic congressman forced, on account of redistricting, to walk an ignominious route to the political guillotine.

His followers didn’t exactly approve of the map that appeared to give an edge to other Democrats by sacrificing Malinowski on the altar of an always open and always transactional establishment that finally gave a promotion to the long-toiling Tom Kean, Jr., son of former Governor Tom Kean.

The young Kean had huffed and puffed and tried to hit a federal seat off the tee several times only to find himself rebuffed and sorely in need of more than the family name to get even a single, afforded finally by a Democratic Party-furnished redistricting map that bumped junior at Malinowski’s expense.

Fulop was watching, and more than happy to accommodate irritated Malinowski allies, who thought the state party gravely erred by backing a map that too easily parted company with the incumbent Democrat.

On InsiderNJ’s WMTR broadcast this Sunday of the Jessie Frees Show, Fulop outright says establishment Democrats made a mistake by getting rid of Malinowski in order (apparently) to accommodate Kean while making neighboring districts more friendly.

Listen to the show on Sunday, April 23rd, at 10 a.m. here.

In addition, Fulop discusses other key components of his fledgling 2025 gubernatorial campaign, including his plans on transportation and housing issues. He also answers the following question:

Would you consider a U.S. Senate seat if one becomes available or are you solely committed to running for governor?

Also –

Who is the elected official Fulop most admires?

Abe Lincoln?

George Washington?

Glenn Cunningham?

Tune in this Sunday to find out.

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5 responses to “Fulop Laments Establishment Democrats’ Malinowski ‘Mistake’”

  1. This is really pandering. He didn’t say anything at the time, and he didn’t bring his substantial available money to help Malinowski. It was unfortunate, but at the time, no one could have guessed that the Republican Supreme Court would take the actions they did that ultimately cushioned the usual midterm snap-back and allowed this race to stay competitive. Ultimately, Malinowski made himself the weak link with his ongoing issues with his stock trading and reporting. Fulop has the opportunity to fund several state legislative races right now that are as long as the odds Malinowski faced when the map was drawn, if he wants to make a meaningful statement.

  2. It doesnt really matter, it the dems did the political map differently it would have been Andy Kim, Mikie Sherril, or Josh Gottheimer who would have been axed instead of Tom Malinowski. All of whom are good moderate Dems.

    Fulop is playing monday morning Quaterback with a big nothing burger. Dems had make a decision with the map they were given not what they wanted. It was out of their control.

  3. Yes, simple man, you are. The three you mention all won by at least 10 points, they did not need the help.

  4. Fulop is correct. Not only was it not necessary to sacrifice Malinowski so that everybody else could win comfortably. The Democrats could have drawn a map that might have won all 12 of the state’s congressional districts, putting the Democrats much closer to a majority. New Jersey and New York Democrats failed our country.

  5. Bottom line for Democrats in NJ-7 is that today, and possibly for the rest of this decade, thanks to the machinations of the statewide party, they’re left with the faceless Kean the Shrub when they could have been represented with someone with energy, enthusiasm, intelligence and passion.

    Come on. Leonard Lance and Tom Kean Jr combined can’t hold a candle to the professionalism and accomplishments of one Malinowski.

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