Fulop Running for Governor

A big city pol who for a decade navigated the tough world of Hudson County’s most complex town as its chief executive, Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop today formally announced that he is running for Governor in 2025.

“I’m running for governor,” the mayor said in an emailed message.

“From my time serving as a U.S. Marine to leading Jersey City as Mayor, my career has always been guided by a strong desire to take on difficult challenges and find solutions that help improve peoples’ lives. Now I’m running for Governor to bring those same values to Trenton.”

“I’m launching my campaign now because I believe that New Jersey can become an even better place for all of us, and I will be sharing my vision over the coming months for how we will make it happen,” he added. “I’ve never backed down from a fight before, and I’m ready to work hard for all the people of our great state to deliver the results New Jersey deserves.”

First elected mayor in 2013 and twice reelected (2017 and 2021), Fulop is running in the 2025 Democratic Primary to succeed sitting Governor Phil Murphy.

The son of Newark deli owners, Fulop hails from Edison. A Goldman Sachs alumnus, he served as a United States Marine in Iraq before getting into politics in his adopted hometown of Jersey City. A political ally of the late Glenn Cunningham, he served as a Ward E councilman prior to securing the office of mayor with a win over Jerry Healy.

Technically, this is not Fulop’s first run for governor.

He participated in the pre-primary campaign leading up to the 2017 election, but ended up backing Murphy.

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2 responses to “Fulop Running for Governor”

  1. Another Goldman Sachs alumni. Its logical that he will followed the same failed anti-human policies of embezeling governor Corszine and amoral governor Murphy.

  2. “Fulop Running for Governor”? That’s news? He’s been running behind the scenes since he dropped out of the 2017 gubernatorial primary back in September 2016. The more interesting question is what is Sweeney doing? He seems extremely compromised and one must wonder if he should be considered a serious candidate at all given all that has happened since 2016-1017. Sweeney’s current political orbit appears to be Rowan University and a few (emphasis on few) trade unions. Not enough for a serious gubernatorial run in 2025.

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