Gaburo Defies LD16-Circling Democrats with 12 Days to Go in GOP Primary


As Democrats size up trying to take more territory in his home county in an effort to spring board the speaker’s candidacy of Assemblyman Craig Coughlin (D-19), Somerset GOP Chairman Al Gaburo said he is intent on shutting down their aspirations.

“I’m completely focused on helping Jack Ciattarelli win the primary over the next 12 days,” said Gaburo, referring to his choice for governor, Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli (R-16).

Democrats want Kim Guadagno to beat Ciattarelli in the June 6th Republican Primary in part in order to pad Coughlin’s caucus coffers, starting in LD16.

But Gaburo denied that his backyard is the only place where the GOP would feel more secure if Ciattarelli wins.

“It’s no secret that Republican general election ballots will be stronger all over New Jersey with Jack at the top of the ticket,” said the chairman. “It’s also no secret that Andrew Zwicker, despite his ‘strategic’ voting record is so far out of touch with two-thirds of LD16 that we feel very comfortable with a compare and contrast style election.”

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