Gearing up for the CNN Debate with Burgos and Caruso

Tonio Burgos, left, and bill Caruso.

The CNN debate among contenders in the 2020 Democratic Primary for president was an hour and change away in Ohio. Spotted in the crowd were New Jersey insiders Tonio Burgos of Tonio Burgos and Associates and Bill Caruso of Archer Law.

“It’s neat to see the energy here in a battleground state,” Caruso told InsiderNJ as he strolled through the electric television pre-game.

The insider said he was impressed with what he described as micro-organizing going on in Columbus.

“There’s real work and real organizing, from from the volunteer level at the ground floor, all the way up to the grand poohbah of the party, Tom Perez,” Caruso said.

“This is a lights out moment,” he added.

He made his way through the everglade of contenders.

“I hope our own senator continues his momentum,” he said. “Having him onstage is a good thing, and not just for New Jersey, but for the country.”

A former Bernis Sanders delegate, Caruso noted that all eyes will be on the Vermonter in his first big post-heart attack appearance.

“Sorry, the Reverend Al Sharpton just stopped by, I wanted to say hello,” Caruso explained amid a brief flurry.

Sanders. Health. Questions.

Former Vice President Joe Biden worries persisted, Caruso admitted.

“There are questions about whether Joe can go the distance and questions about [Elizabeth] Warren’s surge. Is it real?”

The Archer attorney hasn’t cemented himself to a candidate but at the moment said he’s leaning a little toward Biden.

Democratic Debate
Democratic Debate
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