Gill Helms New Pro-Murphy Agenda 501(c)4

New Direction New Jersey, a 501(c)4 advocacy group formed to advance a progressive, pro-middle class agenda in New Jersey, launched today, according to the group’s senior adviser, Brendan Gill. New Direction New Jersey will support and advocate for an agenda to strengthen the middle class and create economic opportunities for all of New Jersey, Gill said.

Gill was the campaign manager for Governor-elect Phil Murphy’s campaign.

Brad Lawrence and Steve DeMicco, who served as media consultants for Murphy for Governor, will also advise.

“In this past election, the voters of New Jersey overwhelmingly sent a message: we need to grow our economy and make it fair again,” Gill said. “The time for action is now. New Direction New Jersey will work with allies to fight for a stronger and fairer economy that works for all New Jersey families.”

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    The new “SOCIALIST AGENDA” is more like it.
    Democrats are as backwards as 1960s era Czechoslovakia
    And that’s pretty backwards.

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