GOP Candidates Rush to Denounce Trump-Targeting ‘Witch hunt’

Northwest Jersey is probably the most conservative area in the state.

So it’s no surprise that the four primary individuals seeking two Republican Assembly nominations in LD-24, which ranges over at least parts of Sussex, Warren and Morris counties, were quick to come to Donald Trump’s defense.

The team of Dawn Fantasia and Michael Inganamort said “the weaponization of the Soros-backed Manhattan DA’s office against President Trump is an outrageous abuse of power.” It added that it’s also “an attack on all Americans who deserve a system of justice that is equal, free and fair.” The candidates’ statement was joined by state Senate candidate Parker Space.

The reference to Soros – as in Hungarian billionaire and Democratic donor George Soros – is hardly new ground for any Republican. Soros is often the subject of criticism and conspiracy theories by conservatives. How far this line of attack goes can be disputed. After all, how many average people even recognize the name, George Soros?

At any rate, less than an hour later, the Assembly team of Josh Aikens and Jason Sarnoski

Aikens and Sarnoski

weighed in:

“This is clearly a political prosecution aimed at preventing the American people from having a choice in the 2024 presidential election. It is the stuff of Third World regimes and speaks to the dysfunction of our electoral process.”

But then they raised the stakes.

The Aikens-Sarnoski duo challenged their opponents to “join us in chastising former Governor Chris Christie for his attacks on Donald Trump in the run-up to this indictment,” In fact, it called the attacks “incendiary” and said they gave aid and comfort to the enemy – or rather, “those lobbying for this political prosecution.”

Christie, of course, oversaw the indictment of many politicians while he was U.S. Attorney for New Jersey. That helped him become governor.

For the record, Christie has gone from a Trump supporter in 2016 to a Trump critic today. Most recently, he said in a radio interview that he was “tired” of hearing about Trump’s grievances.

Christie is also seen as a possible presidential candidate in 2024, although as of now he hardly registers in polls.

The former governor’s belief, or hope, is that Republicans want to move on from Trump.

Maybe, but probably not in LD-24.

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3 responses to “GOP Candidates Rush to Denounce Trump-Targeting ‘Witch hunt’”

  1. Well, you knew it was coming.
    Right after the Dope from New Hope, Wee Willie Winkler, who is a staunch supporter of Cadet Bone Spurs, posted a challenge for state Republicans to condemn the perfectly legitimate indictment handed down by a Manhattan grand jury, Tweedledee and Tweedledumb fell right into line with the attached post.

    What these two obvious mental pygmies don’t understand is that we are a nation of laws, and no one is above the law. Cheeto Hitler has a presumption of innocence under the Constitution–the same document he would like to eviscerate and one which Aikens and Sarnoski obviously have no use for.

    To call this a “political prosecution” shows a complete lack of respect for the work of a grand jury–ordinary citizens with no preconceived notions or biases–who painstakingly considered the evidence presented to them. Trump was offered the opportunity to testify and declined. The jury issued an indictment based on the evidence.

    These two subversives clearly don’t understand that no one, including a former president who tried to have his supporters overthrow a legally conducted election, is above the law. What are these two cretins going to say when Trump is indicted for his actions related to the insurrection, his absconding with and refusing to return classified documents, and his proven attempt to reverse the election in Georgia? Will those be “political prosecutions” as well?

    As for his call to have their opponents and the state GOP condemn the case, well, as you would expect, Dawn Fantasia, Mike Inganamort and Parker Space joined the chorus, showing that every Republican in District 24 is an idiot and a Trump disciple. Fantasia and her boy toy, Inganamort, took it one step further, saying  “the weaponization of the Soros-backed Manhattan DA’s office against President Trump is an outrageous abuse of power”. Ah yes, blame everything on George Soros. I guess Citizens United only works one way, right, morons? By the way, there is no evidence linking Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg to George Soros, other than campaign contributions which Soros is legally entitled to make.

    And I’m sure these five Trump disciples support the attempt by Congress to interfere in the prosecution–which Bragg not only is rebuking, but an attempt which could lead to obstruction of justice charges against several members of Congress. I’d advise the candidates in Sussex County to tread lightly, as this writer intends to notify the proper authorities of their comments, which likewise border on judicial interference.

  2. Schnackenberg is what Soviet Dictator Vladimir Lenin called a “useful idiot”. Schnackenberg did not make one correct, valid statement above. Every point he made was false and fraudulent. But, he will continue his “gaslighting” campaign to the delight of his Democrat Lemming friends.

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