Gopal Calls for Investigation into Monmouth County Voting Errors    


Senator Vin Gopal, D-Monmouth, called on the New Jersey Attorney General’s and the US Attorneys Offices on Monday to launch an investigation into the circumstances surrounding a malfunction of Monmouth County voting machines that caused voting tabulation errors in six voting districts and potentially changed the outcome of a local election.

“Reversing the outcome of a race over two months after the election is completely unacceptable and creates an opening for questions about the integrity of elections in Monmouth County, and the state,” Senator Gopal said. “Monmouth County, and the state, owes voters complete transparency on how these errors occurred and what steps are being taken to ensure they never repeat. A full investigation of all processes of the County Clerk and Board of Election, in addition to anything relating to the elections process needs to happen immediately.”

The Attorney General’s Office has reportedly advised the Board of Elections to recanvas and recertify the results from the November 8 general election.   

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