Gopal issues Statement on School Segregation Court Ruling

Senate Education Chair Vin Gopal, D-Monmouth, issued the following statement Tuesday regarding last week’s Superior Court ruling in the pending school segregation lawsuit against the state: 

“I will continue to monitor this case closely, but the judge’s conclusion that de facto segregation is prevalent in New Jersey is extremely concerning,” Senator Gopal said. “I hope the Legislature will continue to move forward with the legislation I’ve sponsored with Senator Cryan, S820, to establish the Division of Equity and Inclusion in the Department of Education so the state can begin taking steps to ensure its school districts operate more equitably.”

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One response to “Gopal issues Statement on School Segregation Court Ruling”

  1. It’s not an issue of segregation. It’s called demographics, and the ability to have competent teachers. Most of the problem schools are in the inner cities. Most of the minority populations are in the inner cities. If the State government is going to attempt to bus whites to black schools in the inner cities, and blacks to white schools in the suburbs, the state better prepare to lose a significant portion of its student body to private and charter schools, as well as home-schooling. Or, better yet, you’ll see many more families move out of state to more amenable school systems.

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