Gottheimer: ‘I Don’t Like to Lose to the Moochers’

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3 responses to “Gottheimer: ‘I Don’t Like to Lose to the Moochers’”

  1. Gottheimer is a “moocher” and “grifter”. His so-called “moocher” states had the foresight and forethought to set up a statewide website to get federal grant monies, while New Jersey, which is supposed to be tech savvy has not set up such a website because of the lazy, convoluted Democrat-Socialists running the state.

    Don’t blame Red States for being “moocher” states if they have the wherewithal to get the federal funds, while New Jersey officials sit on their thumbs and blame everyone else for not getting their federal funds, which are available if they set up a website to consolidate the obtainment of federal funds for the state.

  2. Imagine being stupid enough to blame “Socialists” for the issue while praising low income states for getting in on a Socialist program…

  3. He’s a deceptive carnival barker. You want more money for NJ congressman? Then you have to change the parameters that the federal government uses to determine grants, loans, etc. The fact is, NJ is still a wealthy state compared to most. Because of liberal bias against success, wealth means you get little. Good luck congressman trying to change the values of your party, which is to blame.

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