Governor Murphy Addresses our Democracy in Danger with Steve Adubato

In this half-hour special, Governor Phil Murphy joins Steve Adubato for a candid discussion about the future of clean energy, NJ Transit, the state of our democracy, New Jersey’s fiscal picture, and First Lady Tammy Murphy’s run for the U.S. Senate.

Watch full interview here:

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3 responses to “Governor Murphy Addresses our Democracy in Danger with Steve Adubato”

  1. This was boring. Come up with real issues for NJ. We created this country as the first State. We can do better..maybe start with NJ having a long history of corruption. That would save the tax payers alot of money. Out of 9 million people that live in NJ only about 4 million work. So, who pays the rest of the tax burdens. Look at what industries Nj has and small businesses how much tax burden they take on. There are ways to change this, but when you use old tools to fix bigger projects the tools can’t bare the weight. It’s time we think outside the box to FIX NJ. We need a better tools box and new tools.

  2. The better tools box and new tools to fix New Jersey is getting rid of the old tools–The Democrat-Socialist Party that has been in power for over 25 years. They have created the problems with New Jersey (a Blue State). They have basically run (ruined) New Jersey into the ground. There is no more money left to tax. People in New Jersey are at their maxxed limits, and cannot afford another round of property tax increases linked to education taxes (read: NJEA corruption).

    New Jersey is ranked No. 1 in people exiting their state to go elsewhere to low or no tax states, states that have more liberties, specifically 2nd Amendment liberties, less regulation and more freedom. New Jersey is now being ranked as one of the highest crime states, contrary to the Gov. Phil KNUCKLEHEAD Murphy faux platitudes that New Jersey has the lowest gun violence crime “rates”. According to NJ 101.5 yesterday, New Jersey is becoming more and more dangerous with the high violent crime moving out of the cities and into the suburbs. Six (6) New Jersey cities rank in the Top 100 for most violent crime: Camden, Trenton, Newark, Paterson, Jersey City, New Brunswick, Atlantic City, Asbury Park, Irvington. Camden and Trenton are in the top 30 as “Top Violent Murder cities”.

    Yet, we here the Goofy Murphy Administration and the Democrat lackeys all saying how safe New Jersey is becuase of our draconian gun control laws giving us one of the lowest gun violence “rates” in the nation. “Rates” do not show the true picture. It’s the number of real crimes that shows that picture. “Rates” are a fictitious number used by law enforcement to try and paint a “rosey” picture.

    New Jersey is rated either at 48th, 49th, or 50th of the states as favorable for cost of living, highest taxes across the board, high population density, crime, and governmental corruption.

  3. More lies from the democrat RICO gang that destroyed NJ’s middle class. Do they all lie like biden the proven 50 year serial liar?

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