Grenier to Christie: ‘Get the Hell Off the Beach’

TRENTON – Governor Chris Christie Hurricane Irene exhortation to people to ‘get the hell off the beach’ has come back to haunt him in the aftermath of government shutdown photos showing up of him in recreational mode at the Jersey Shore: sunbathing while New Jersey – and the soles of his feet – burn.

Fran Grenier, the 3rd District challenger to Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) went after both the  15% job approval-mired governor and his district opponent in a statement.

“Governor Christie needs to take his own advice and get the hell off the beach. Him and Sweeney need to chuck this Horizon proposal and get to passing a budget,” Grenier said.

“I hope part of Governor Christie’s statehouse renovation plan includes demolishing all of the backrooms that he and Sweeney spend so much time scheming in,” he added. “Steve Sweeney will never prioritize the needs of the people in South Jersey over his Trenton political wheeling and dealing. He’s going to shut down state government servicers over a shady deal with Governor Christie that is reckless and nothing more than a backdoor tax increase that could jack up health insurance premiums for millions of people.”

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