Grossman Goes off on Coca Cola

It’s probably safe to say that Seth Grossman won’t be filming any campaign commercials with Mean Joe Greene this season.

The District 2 Republican tonight sent out an email blast tirade against Coca Cola on the heels of the Atlanta-based soft drink company’s public statements opposing Georgia Republicans’ widely condemned voting overhaul.

Some context via Vox:

The Georgia law, known as SB 202, will increase voting restrictions for Georgians by requiring identification for mail-in ballots, shrinking the window for early and absentee voting, limiting the number of ballot drop boxes, banning the provision of food and water to voters waiting in line, and shifting control over local election rules to the state legislature, among other changes. (SB 202 does expand voting access to rural areas, according to a Washington Post analysis, but the added restrictions draw on a long history of voter suppression, specifically directed toward Black voters.)

Prior to the Georgia bill’s passage, few major companies directly commented on the bill, with the exception of Salesforce and Patagonia. Some, like Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, and Home Depot, were reticent due to their employment ties to the region; their corporate operations are often affected by decisions made by Georgia’s legislative body. In the past week, however, prominent American brands — from Major League Baseball to Coca-Cola — have publicly condemned the law’s passage and, more broadly, general efforts of voter suppression. The MLB also declared it will relocate the 2021 All-Star Game and the MLB draft out of Atlanta.

Grossman’s missive:

“Like many Americans, I am disgusted with corporate giants like Coca-Cola that fund and promote the ‘social justice’ agendas of ‘woke’ Democrats.  Yet it is not enough to simply stop buying their products.  We must also tell restaurant and store owners why.  I just printed 5,000 business cards that do this.  Please help me distribute them cards to as many people as you can.  These cards cam also help me win the Primary Election/Vote Harvest next month!

“Candidates give out lots of free stuff to get their names out before an election.  They put their names on almost anything voters may find useful.  This includes pens, pencils, refrigerator magnets, sponges, scratch pads and jar openers.  I think these cards are even more useful.

“I did not buy any Coca-Cola products for more than a month.  I also tell the server or sales clerk that I no longer buy Coke products.  However, they are usually busy, and I am rarely able to start a conversation explaining why.  Also, I have no way of making sure that the manager or owner gets the message.  These small business cards fix both problems.

“Of course, they also promote me as a candidate for State Senate in Atlantic County.  However, like pens, pencils, sponges, etc. used by other candidates, these cards are also very useful. I invite my Primary opponent and all Republican candidates to do the same.

1.  Last February, Coca-Cola employees disclosed that they were forced to complete online “diversity” training telling them to “try to be less white”.

2.  On June 3 last year, during the height of the “Black Lives Matter” riots, looting, and burning, James Quincey, chief executive officer of Coca-Cola held a special video “town hall” for all Coke employees.  He told them, “Companies like ours must speak up as allies to the Black Lives Matter movement”.  In his speech, Quincy repeated every “woke” Democrat lie about race and law enforcement.  He praised violent criminals like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Ahmaud Arbery as innocent victims.  He also announced that the Coca-Cola foundation would give $2.5 million in grants to a variety of organizations promoting the “social justice” agendas of radical “woke” Democrats.

3.  Last March, Coca-Cola CEO James Quincy publicly denounced as “unacceptable”,  new voting laws in Georgia that make it easier to vote, but harder to cheat.

“Like all their propaganda, it is used to divide and weaken America. It falsely claims people are ‘woke’ if they blame whites in America for every problem and injustice in the world. Why do white Democrat elites use the wrong adjective ‘woke’ instead of the correct ‘awake’? Do they falsely assume most blacks in America speak that way?  Do they have such little respect for black Americans that they feel a need to use poor grammar to relate to them?

“By falsely blaming whites for every problem in black communities, ‘woke’ Democrats make it almost impossible for honest black leaders to openly discuss and fix real problems in their neighborhoods. ‘Institutional racism’ by whites did NOT cause the death of Mehmood Ansari, the owner of a Boardwalk store in Atlantic City two weeks ago. It did NOT cause the young 26 year old to be shot to death in broad daylight in Pleasantville with two teenagers wounded.

“Yet anyone who openly speaks this obvious truth at Stockton University or at almost any public school or library in New Jersey is denied employment or ruins his or her career.  Any black American who openly says this is attacked and ridiculed as an ‘Uncle Tom’.

“We have 5,000 of these cards…. Simply take them from the waterproof plastic bin in the parking lot by the basement door and air conditioning unit.”

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One response to “Grossman Goes off on Coca Cola”

  1. I picture Grossman approaching the cashier at a Chicken-fil-A location in New Jersey and placing his business card on the counter. Saying, “It’s come to my attention that the cola drink you serve is Coca-Cola. I have something to say about businesses commenting on political issues. I am disgusted with their corporate social activism. Let your manager know that I am no longer buying Coke products.”

    The cashier, who has spent way too many hours on Twitter, responding, “Sir, this is a Wendy’s.”

    Grossman looking startled, then before leaving pointedly correcting him.

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