Grossman Post-Squirrel Hill: ‘American Jews have to Stop Blindly Believing and Reciting the Propaganda Talking Points of Democratic Party Politicians’

Running for a congressional seat in CD-2, Seth Grosman has tethered his candidacy to President Donald J. Trump, and in the aftermath of the Squirrel Hill killings, he tightened the connections, blaming what he called the far-left mainstream media and Democratic leaders for singling out Trump as a fomentor of hate.

“Jews in America today are in danger of being beaten and killed for just being Jews just like my grandparents when they lived in Eastern Europe more than 100 years ago,” said the Republican challenger, down by double digits to state Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-1) in their quest to fill the seat being vacated by retiring U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo (R-2).

“That is because Democrats have fundamentally changed America during the past 30 years,” the Republican added. “During these years, radical leftists took control of our media, public schools, colleges, pop culture and the Democratic Party.  They then used them to preach a dangerous doctrine that has divided America into groups who are always angry at each other. They falsely tell everyone who faces failure or hardship that members of some other ‘privileged’ group are responsible.  This is why Jews in America are now in such a dangerous position.  When people start blaming others for their problems, the first people they think of are Jews.”

Grossman blamed the “Fake News Media” for giving what he said is the false impression that there were no problems for Jews in America until the Tea Party and President Trump arrived.

“They also falsely accuse Trump supporters for instigating hate and violence in America today, while giving a pass to leading Democrat Senators and Congressmen openly calling for hostility against Republicans and anyone else who disagrees with them,” he said. “It is not surprising that most anti-Semitism in America today is coming from Democrats. Louis Farrakhan and his supporters falsely blame Jews for every problem in the black community. Radical leftists on college campuses falsely blame Israel for every problem in the Middle East.  Democrats embrace both of those groups.

“American Jews have to stop blindly believing and reciting the propaganda talking points of Democratic Party politicians,” he added.

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  1. Seth Grossman is correct. Jewish Americans need to stop supporting the Democratic-Socialist Party who are determined to eliminate the God given, unalienable natural rights of life, liberty and their pursuit of happiness for not only Jewish Americans but ALL Americans.

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